In support of The People’s Group, brilliant young artist and Evertonian Helen Davies, has agreed to work on a one-off adaptation of The People’s Group logo similar to the Everton badge she has already created in this post.

Helen’s version will be made up of the names of The People’s Group supporters, meaning your backing for the group will be captured in this unique artwork. Once completed our aim is to produce a massive banner.

To get your name on our banner and show your support simply leave your name (and those of your family and friends who support the aims of The People’s Group) in a comment box below.

  1. Dean Massey says:


    Keep up the good work lads.

  2. James Cadwaladr says:

    James Cadwaladr

  3. James Woolrich says:

    James Woolrich

  4. PMHenshaw says:


  5. Danny Morton says:

    Danny Morton

  6. Lee Cruickshank says:

    Lee Cruickshank

  7. Ryan says:


  8. Chris Bannantyne says:

    Chris Bannantyne

  9. Steven Griffith says:

    Steven Griffith
    William Griffith

  10. Adam Miveld says:

    Adam Miveld
    Paul Miveld

  11. matthew loveless says:

    Matt Loveless
    Oli Loveless
    Pat Loveless
    Jack Loveless
    Chloe Loveless

  12. Paul Harmon says:

    Id be interested in getting my name on the banner , Name is Paul Harmon .

    Keep up the great work !

  13. Neil McAdam says:

    I was first so my name should be big 😉

  14. David Walsh says:


  15. Craig kelly says:

    Craig Kelly – Sean Martin EFC for change

  16. Wayne Brown says:

    Wayne Brown

  17. Lee Walker says:

    Lee Walker

  18. Wayne Thompson says:

    Wayne Thompson

  19. Matty Alecock says:

    Matty Alecock!

  20. Jonny Lennon says:

    Jonny Lennon, Newry.

  21. Scott O'Donoghue says:

    Scott O’Donoghue

  22. David Hodgson says:

    Viva The Peoples Group!

  23. Andy Cope says:

    Andy Cope
    Mike Cope

  24. Dave Griffiths says:


  25. Gary Everton Jones says:

    Gary Everton Jones, Melissa Rebecca Williams

  26. franki miley says:

    Franki miley

  27. Daniel Taylor says:

    Daniel Taylor

  28. mark jones says:

    Please put my name on the banner.EFC Mark

  29. phil and ange,not much time left to save this great club,lets do all we can together.coyb,s

  30. Joseph McClarnon says:

    Joey Macmo

  31. kevin armstrong says:

    Kevin Armstrong, keep the momentum going everybody.

  32. please can you put mine on 🙂 its georgia
    love the blues and kenwrite out !

  33. neil,jane,jack and luke dalton says:

    We as a family support the peoples group and. Want answers 2 why we have no money and why we never have any1 interested in are great club.

  34. Declan says:

    Declan Mc Guigan
    Fergal Mc Guigan

  35. Steve mallard says:

    also my wife bex mallard and baby boy callum everton mallard!

  36. Tom Krzynowek says:

    Tom Krzynowek

  37. Terry Adam Hillier says:

    Terry Adam Hillier

  38. Gareth Humphreys says:

    Gareth Humphreys

  39. Andy Deaves says:


  40. Miles Morgan says:

    Miles Morgan

  41. shaka isla, says:

    Shaka Islam

  42. Steve Pugh says:

    Steve Pugh

  43. Sam Morgan says:

    Sam Morgan

  44. Paul burns says:

    Keep it goin lads IMWT

  45. Antony Spring says:

    Antony Spring

  46. Roy says:

    Roy Bates

  47. Joe Fenerty says:

    Joe Fenerty

  48. Carl Lee says:

    Carl Lee

  49. Alan Bond says:

    Alan Bond

  50. Blueboy120 says:

    A fantastic campaign to heighten awareness of the demise of our beloved club who used to be one of the “big 5″… The only one of the old big 5 left behind as the shite, man u, spurs & arsenal all attract big money investment. My name for us is Black Hole FC as we are perceived nowadays as a nothing club who the media barely report on. Indeed there was even a league table printed in the Daily Mirror a couple of years ago that only had 19 teams in it… Guess who was missing? Red Shite colleagues pissing themselves at us again. You couldn’t make it up. It is the job of the board to ensure that the club goes forward & prospers. It has totally failed in that respect. Our catalogue of disasters grows ever longer topped by the kings dock debacle. It’s time for action… Well done the peoples group.

  51. Dan says:

    Dan Orton

  52. Paul Balcombe says:

    Paul Balcombe

    Would be an amazing honour

  53. Ellis Vaughan says:

    Great idea. Looks fantastic.

  54. james stenson says:

    Jimmy Sten

  55. Dave Grosscurth Please put my name on the banner if theres room 🙂

  56. Toffeetom says:

    Tom Sellick

  57. John Burns says:

    John Burns

  58. please put me in if theres room . Dave Grosscurth 🙂

  59. Neil Rooney says:

    Neil Rooney
    James Rooney
    Marie Rooney
    Patrick Rooney
    Claire McKeever
    James McKeever-Sothern
    Faye Mckeever-Sothern

  60. Fantastic idea, add me please 🙂 Michelle EFC Parsons

  61. Tom McAndrew says:

    Tom McAndrew
    Edmund McAndrew

  62. John J Lavelle says:

    John J Lavelle,Patricia Lavelle………Love this idea,with you all the way !

  63. ben parry says:

    Ben Parry

  64. Great idea!! 🙂 Let’s get this all over the Internet. nsno…..

    Neil Adderley
    Daniel Adderley

  65. Ian Collins says:

    Ian Collins
    Claire Butters

  66. jim bromilow says:

    keep up the good work

    Jim Bromilow

  67. Liam Coyle says:

    Liam Coyle

  68. micharm kendall says:

    Michael kendall
    Miah kendall
    Keep the good work up!!!

  69. Neil Millichip says:

    Please put my name on the banner………Neil Millchip

  70. alan williams says:

    Alan Williams
    Stephanie Williams
    Eddie Williams

  71. leon O'Neill says:

    Leon O’Neill, John Mendy

  72. Daniella Freeman says:

    Daniella Freeman
    Steve Freeman
    Reaf Freeman
    Chris Glover
    Ben Hetterley

    EFC forever ❤

  73. sean makin says:

    sean blueboy1878 makin

  74. karl bailey says:

    great idea

  75. david brew says:

    Day Brew

  76. Ciaran Lewis says:

    Ciaran Lewis


  77. karl bailey says:

    karl bailey

  78. Phil shone says:

    Phil Shone , Calum Shone , Barry Shone

  79. Keep up the goodwork


  80. Paul swallow says:

    Paul Swallow
    Gemma Swallow
    Bradley Swallow
    Lyla Swallow

  81. shaka islam says:

    Shaka Islam 1878 ignore previous one thanx. nd i cant get into my email so please dont email me anything thanx

  82. michael dunne says:

    Keep up the good work people!

  83. Katie Woolrich says:

    Katie Woolrich

  84. lynn cannell says:

    please add me
    lynn cannell
    karl bailey

  85. Rob says:


  86. john lloyd says:

    excellent idea.

    John Lloyd
    Sean Lloyd
    Jessica Lloyd
    Paula Lloyd


  87. andyduff73 says:

    Andy Duff

  88. Joe Verdin says:

    Enough is enough!

  89. jamie & Greg Armstrong says:

    Keep up the good work all Evertonians must never forget Nil Satis Nisi Optimum and nothing less!

  90. Nick Parry says:

    Nick Parry.

  91. Terry McAllister
    Paul McAllister

  92. Gary plunkett says:

    Put Gary Plunkett onto it if you can! 😀 #itstimeforchange

  93. James hennessey says:

    Jay Hennessey
    Twitter jayhenno

    Keep up the good work boys

  94. James Lavery says:

    James Lavery

  95. Tony Kelly says:

    Great idea,behind you 100%

  96. lewis barrow says:

    Lewis Barrow COYB

  97. John Lally says:


  98. badlydrawnblue
    Thomas Regan JNR
    Christopher Regan
    Charlotte Anne Regan

  99. Paul coldicutt says:


  100. Thomas Regan says:

    Thomas Regan JNR
    Christopher Regan
    Charlotte Anne Regan

  101. Jamie Daniels says:

    Jamie Daniels

  102. Helen says:

    Helen Nott

  103. Dave Taylor says:

    Dave Taylor @theparkend
    Anna Papaharalabous
    Steve Daly

  104. gary wilson says:

    gary coyb wilson

  105. Andy Doyle says:

    Andy Doyle
    Dexter Doyle

  106. Martin Phillips says:

    Time for answers “blue bill”…

    Martin Phillips

  107. Gareth Southern says:

    Gareth Southern

  108. Simon Barton says:

    Add us please…
    Simon Barton
    James Barton
    Peter Barton
    Tom Barton
    Andy Barton.

    Thank you, COYB.

  109. Dave Brumfitt says:

    EXCELLENT!!! Keep up the great work.Gotta listen soon
    Please add my name…..Dave, Zakk, Brumfitt.

  110. Gavin Ramejkis says:

    Gavin Ramejkis

  111. Excellent!!! Keep up the Great work..
    Please add my names….
    Dave Brumfitt
    Zakk Brumfitt
    Julie Brumfitt

  112. ryan nelson says:

    Ryan Nelson

  113. Ray Westhead says:

    We supported K.E.I.OC and also THE PEOPLE’S GROUP and would be delighted to have our names included on the banner, Keep up the good work ?? Our names are Mary-Mo and Ray Westhead

  114. Paul Dwyer says:

    Paul Dwyer

  115. David Turner says:

    David Turner

  116. Thomas King says:

    Thomas King
    Phil King

  117. Stephen Whelan says:

    Stephen Whelan
    Tony Whelan
    Trina Whelan

  118. David Moors says:

    David Moors

  119. alan beesley says:

    alan beesley
    tara beesley
    rebecca beesley

  120. Mikey1 says:

    Steve Jones
    Keith Jones

  121. Andy Loyden says:

    Andy Loyden
    Tommy Loyden
    Abi Loyden
    Daisy Loyden

    Great idea, cheers.

  122. Jay connor says:


  123. Si says:

    What a stupid stupid idea. I bet Bill is shaking in his boots now, fucking hell lads they have made a banner with names on, let me sell the club now!! LOL

  124. Sean Stoney says:


  125. Daniel Powell says:

    Daniel Powell

  126. Graeme Harper says:


  127. Karl Hinchcliffe says:

    Karl Hinchcliffe

  128. Jay Bolger says:

    Jay Bolger

    Keep up the good work lads

  129. ben aston says:

    great idea keep up the good work names ben aston please add my name coyb

  130. matt stephens says:

    Matt Stephens

  131. James Ester says:

    Jay Ester

  132. Gary Warner says:


    thanks guys 🙂 COYB!!

  133. kealan coyle says:

    kealan coyle

  134. David Brookes says:


  135. Stephen Maher says:

    Steve Maher

  136. Paul says:

    P4u1 W4ck0

  137. danny harper says:

    danny harper

  138. Callum Gallagher says:

    Callum Gallagher

  139. Lee Smith says:

    Lee Smith
    Colby Smith
    Finley Smith
    Graham Smith

    Keep up the great work fellas!

  140. ben says:

    please put my name on banner benbluenose79

  141. Johnny Evans says:

    Johnny Evans,Donna Evans,Tony Evans,Alan Harte,Ian Mc Fetridge,Jenny Evans

  142. Steve Watson says:


  143. Stephen Day says:

    Stephen Day

  144. Akinwale Arobieke says:

    Akinwale Arobieke

  145. ste richards says:

    Ste richards, great idea lads keep up the hard work. Where all behind the group !

  146. BURNSY says:


  147. Neil Quinn (Foxy/BlueQ) from Kipper says:


  148. Matthew Smith says:

    Matthew Smith

  149. matthew campbell says:

    Matthew Campbell


  150. matthew campbell says:

    Matthew Campbell

  151. brian kane. says:

    Brian Kane,Luke Kane and Aimee Kane wish to thank you guys,keep it going.

  152. andy fraser says:

    Andy Fraser

  153. Zaschrona says:


  154. Matt Hopkinson says:

    Matt EFC Hopkinson

  155. Paul says:

    Paul Cotterill

  156. Chris says:


  157. Chris Carry says:

    Chris Carry
    Ben Carry
    Katie Carry
    Alex Carry

  158. Scott Parrish says:

    Scott Parrish

  159. Lee says:


    Keep driving the message, great work.

  160. Pgibbo31 says:

    Peter Gibbons

    Keep up the good work fellas

  161. Paul Saleh says:

    Please put my name and my sons name

    Paul Saleh

    Dan Saleh

  162. Keith Stafford says:

    Keith Stafford

  163. Michael Dahl says:

    Michael Dahl

  164. Adam White says:

    Adam White

  165. Tom says:

    Tom Gill & James Gill

  166. Thomas Roose says:

    Thomas Roose
    Christopher Roose
    Derek Roose

  167. Kevin Freaney says:

    Kev Freaney

    Great work, keep it going!

  168. john duffy says:

    John Duffy

  169. Dave says:

    David Malone

    Twitter: David_Malone

  170. Luke says:

    Luke and Rob Berry

  171. Ingvar Baeringsson says:

    Ingvar Baeringsson

  172. neil verdin says:

    neil verdin, ben verdin, gaby verdin, billy morris

  173. howard moore says:

    well done an keep going till these frauds are gone

  174. neil verdin says:

    clare verdin, jack verdin

  175. Tim says:

    Tim Dalton

  176. mike bates says:

    Mike Bates,

  177. Neal Wyatt says:

    Neal Wyatt

  178. Amanda Huddleston says:

    Amanda Huddleston
    Sian Bradshaw


  179. Brian Waring says:

    Brian Waring
    Ben Waring
    Karen Jackson

  180. Simon Harris says:

    Simon Harris

  181. Carl thomas says:

    Carl Thomas
    Keep up the pressure guys

  182. Jonny says:

    Jonathan Williams

  183. Sant1878 says:

    Sant Sarker

  184. paul brown says:

    paul brown

  185. Rancid Underpants says:

    Rancid Underpants

  186. jamie deakin says:

    jamie deakin
    ashley evans

  187. Please put my name on the Banner!! Enough is Enough!! Keep up the great work lads!!!

  188. Richard Short says:

    Richard Jack and Isobel Short

  189. In these times of silence by our board, we need your voice to extract this oblivion

  190. Dave Richardson says:

    Dave Richardson
    Lewis Richardson
    Phil Richardson
    Dylan Richardson

  191. Mark says:

    Mark Moreton

  192. Jon Attwood says:

    Jon Attwood
    Carys Attwood
    Seren Attwood

  193. Joe Jennings says:

    Joe Jennings

  194. LShannon says:


  195. graeme evans says:

    Brill idea and superb idea/action

  196. John Littler says:

    John Littler

  197. thomas malone says:

    thomas malone
    jonathan malone
    daniel malone

  198. RAY EVANS says:


  199. Robbie says:

    Get me on there brilliant idea

  200. Paul C says:

    Great Work keep it going


  201. Austin Heath says:

    Austin Heath

    Lawrence Robinson Hetah

  202. rob Keith says:

    Robbie Keith
    Joeseph o Connel
    Reece Hose
    Mike Cross

  203. Lee Coalbourne says:

    Lee Coalbourne. Lizzie James.

  204. Jamie says:

    Jamie Butler

  205. Jamie Barlow says:

    Jamie Barlow
    Michelle Collins
    Billy Barlow
    Keira Barlow

  206. jim fitzsimons says:


  207. James Rigby says:

    James Rigby

  208. James Rigby says:

    Defo get me on their. Im 1 Million percent behind the campaign. Lets get the answers we all deserve. James Rigby

  209. gary everton jones says:

    gary everton jones

  210. James Mackenzie says:

    James Mackenzie

  211. Alan Khan says:

    Alan Khan

    Mariam Khan

    Nasser Khan

    Ameer Khan

    This is a fantastic idea. Thank you for the opportunity.

  212. Andy Crooks says:

    Brilliant original idea.

  213. Jason says:

    Please put my name down “Jason Robinson” keep up the good work….

  214. john roberts says:

    john roberts
    jack roberts
    joshua roberts
    michelle bartlett

  215. Mark Grayson says:

    Mark Grayson
    Sandra Grayson
    Hannah Grayson
    Joss Grayson
    Dylan Grayson
    Kate Grayson
    George Grayson
    Tom Grayson
    Tricia Grayson

  216. Sean Hooley says:

    Sean Hooley

  217. martyn harvey says:

    Martyn Harvey
    Isha Jameson

  218. Clive Lewis says:

    Clive Lewis, Emily Lewis, George Lewis, Tina Hilton We all support you please put our name on the banner.

  219. John Murphy says:

    John Murphy
    Rebekah Bullen

  220. Sean Lloyd says:

    Sean Lloyd

  221. Jon Vruwink says:

    Jon Vruwink

  222. Eric Myles says:

    Eric Myles
    Emma Myles

  223. Michael Loudon says:

    Michael Loudon

  224. Sean Campbell says:

    Keep up the good work lads.

  225. Jay Harris says:



  226. please put INDOEVERTONIAN .. we are from Indonesia 🙂

  227. Stephen Regan says:

    Stephen Regan Melbourne Blue

  228. Dennis Ancevic says:

    Dennis Ancevic

  229. Lynn Thorne says:

    Lynn Thorne – great idea

  230. Bryan says:

    Bryan Goh

    Everton 4ever

  231. Mark says:

    Great work lads. keep it up.


  232. Russell Hughes says:

    Russell Hughes

  233. Austin Brough
    Brian Mooney
    Mandy Mooney
    Kevin Taylor
    Jay Taylor

  234. Andrew Partington says:

    KateEP EFC

  235. Jonah says:

    Craig Jones

  236. Daniel Leatherbarrow says:

    Daniel Leatherbarrow

  237. Pete says:

    Peter Sherlock

  238. Chris Brassey says:

    Chris Brassey

  239. Graeme Kidd says:

    Graeme Kidd

  240. Alastair Bates says:

    Alastair Bates
    Paul Bates
    Marylin Bates
    Rachel Bates

    Keep up the pressure, we all need answers!

  241. Lee Devenny says:

    Lee Devenny

  242. Rob Williamson says:

    More power to the People.

  243. Alison Reilly says:

    Alison Reilly

  244. Ian Elder says:

    Ian Elder

  245. OSD KLSAJHD says:

    Toby Le Rone

  246. Nick Palmer says:

    Nick Palmer

  247. Davo Williams says:

    We wont take this anymore. Back this movement.

  248. Chris Rudd says:

    Chris Rudd and Andy Rudd

    Keep up the good work and the pressure!

  249. Phil Hinds says:

    Phil Hinds

  250. Mark Ankers says:

    Mark Ankers

  251. Greg Lambden says:


  252. Gary Jones says:

    Jack SJ Jones
    Nichola Jones
    Harry P Jones
    Lucy H Jones

  253. Mark Ankers says:

    John McArdle

  254. Mark David says:

    Keep up the good work fellas N.S.N.O

  255. Sean Dylan says:

    Sean Dylan

  256. Stu bond says:

    Stu Bond
    Sam Bond
    Ryan Bond
    Shaun Bond

  257. Paul Newman says:

    Paul Newman

  258. Stuart Kelly says:

    Stuart Kelly
    Phil Kelly

  259. Tommy C says:

    Tommy Coleman
    Chris Healy

  260. Christopher Mckenny says:

    Christopher Mckenny

  261. Brad Linaker says:

    Brad Linaker
    Alyssa Linaker

  262. David Diggle says:

    David Diggle

  263. Mike Davies Keep up the sterling work E.T.I.D.

  264. Mike says:

    Please put my name “MitchDawg” thanks in advance!

  265. paul burns says:

    paul burns
    dave burns
    sam burns
    lily burns

  266. Richard Egerton says:

    Richard Egerton

  267. Declan Jones says:

    Declan Jones

  268. JOE mURRAY says:

    joe murray
    shealgh murray
    thomas murray

  269. Chris Fruin says:

    Chris Fruin

  270. steve graves says:

    please add my name to the banner, steve graves

  271. dean williamson says:

    Dean Williamson
    Kieron Trivedi

  272. Wayne Blackburn says:

    brilliant idea lads, please put these names on the banner,

    Wayne Blackburn
    Hannah Blackburn
    Lyla Blackburn
    Charlene Blackburn
    Morgan Blackburn
    Billy Blackburn
    Julie Fortune


  273. Ben Hayes says:

    Ben Hayes

  274. says:


  275. Damian says:

    Damian Coyle

  276. James Morgan says:

    James Morgan

  277. Kevin Kilroy says:

    Kev Kilroy

  278. Chris Jones-Bambam2504 COYB

  279. Dave Travis says:

    Dave Travis
    Roisin Travis
    Rory Travis
    Orla Travis
    Danny Travis
    Galway Evertonians

  280. Monica Baker says:

    Time for change NSNO

  281. 1878HYLAND1878 says:


  282. Tom Bell says:

    Tom Bell, Greg Hindle, Laurie Hindle, Kerri Anne Bell, Jack Hindle, Daniel Hindle, Sam Spinks, Gary Hindle

  283. Cian Burke says:

    Cian Burke

  284. Jake Hayes says:

    nil satis nisi optimum joe hayes 97

  285. Ross_Langton says:

    Ross Langton
    April-Marie Langton
    Donald Graham
    Sam Walters

  286. Darren McNulty says:

    Darren McNulty
    Claire McNulty

  287. Terry says:


  288. MICK ABRAMS says:


  289. Jack Wanless says:

    Jack Wanless

  290. John Mulrooney says:

    Keep up the good work lads

  291. tony barnes says:

    tony barnes

  292. Stephen Davies says:

    Stephen Davies

  293. Michael Cosgrove says:

    Please can you use my name Michael Cosgrove


  294. Gavin harris says:

    Gavin Harris
    Gavjh is the twitter name

    Carl Harris

  295. Antony Robo says:

    Antony Robo

    Joel Robo

  296. John Roberts Patojo says:

    On a wave

  297. dean allenby says:

    please can you enter my name

    Dean DIXIE Allenby

  298. Philip McHale says:

    Phil McHale

    Keep up the good work

  299. steven woan says:

    keep up the good work lads. your doing us proud. i`ll have my name on the banner please. my name is steven woan. thanks lads

  300. gary anderson says:

    Gary ando – garylee ando-michael ventre-

  301. Joe Hartley says:

    Joe Hartley

  302. Paul John O'Neill says:

    Excellent and about time too! This Board have got away with ‘smoke and mirrors’ for far too long! Nil Satis Nisi Optimum. Paul x

  303. Ian Black says:

    Ian Black
    Anya Black
    Kristina Black
    Little Belly Black
    Lukas Black
    Viva la revolution!

  304. Robbie says:

    Robbie Kirkham

  305. John Audsey says:

    John Audsley
    Liz Audsley
    Charlie Audsley
    Harry Audsley

  306. Doug Nestor says:

    Doug Nestor,

    Doug Nestor Jnr,

    Ross Nestor,

    Nikki Nestor.

    Great Idea……….

  307. John McGovern says:

    Would love my name on the banner in support of your group, John McGovern

  308. Doug Nestor says:

    Doug Nestor

    Doug Nestor Jnr

    Ross Nestor

    Nikki Nestor

    Summer Nestor

    Buddy Nestor

    Bailey Nestor

    please add us to the fight/ flag ……………..Great idea………..

  309. alan cahill says:

    Alan cahill
    Lukas cahill
    Josie cahill

  310. Gary Hankey says:

    Fantastic efforts Guy. Keep up the good work.

    Gary Hankey

  311. Stephen Reilly says:

    Well done the peoples group keep the good work going.

  312. jim feeney says:


  313. martin Jacobson says:

    Tony Levitt
    David Levitt
    Martin Jacobson

  314. matty says:

    matty welsh 🙂

  315. Phill ‘FLIP’ Whitehead.

  316. Austin Tiernan says:

    It’s time for change, the current board have run out of ideas if we stand still we lose ground. Kenwright out.

  317. Chris Bond says:

    Chris Bond
    Peter Bond
    Laura Bond
    Stephen Bond
    Harry Bond
    Joshua Bond
    Amanda Bond

  318. Rob Penlington says:

    Please add our names to the banner

    Rob Penlington
    Marian Penlington
    Katy Penlington
    Rebecca Penlington

  319. John F Kelly says:

    John F Kelly

  320. Dave says:

    Agree with your concerns 100 %
    Would love my name on your banner
    Its looking a bit full already !

  321. andy doyle
    gill doyle
    patrick doyle
    abbie doyle
    danny doyle

  322. Andrew hight says:

    Andrew hight

  323. Excellent idea lets just hope asswipe kenwright asks what it means i cant take anymore of this creature. dave fredo/col fredo/gem fredo/amy fredo/iewis fredo.

  324. John Doyle says:

    Keep up the pressure on the local media, good luck

  325. Col Ando says:

    Col Ando

  326. Col Ando says:

    Alex Ando

  327. robin mcmillan says:

    rockin’ robin

  328. jason morgan says:

    jason morgan – jack morgan – kyle morgan cheers

  329. PHIL BELL says:

    Phil Bell
    Joe Bell
    James Bell
    Matthew Bell

  330. phil lloyd says:

    phil lloyd
    leanne court
    louisa gallagher

  331. phil lloyd says:

    great idea i want my name on too
    Phil Lloyd

  332. GARRETT NELSON says:


  333. ali says:

    Alistair Rutherford
    Liam Kearns
    Lee Armitage

  334. Roy Coyne says:

    please put my on as Coyney

  335. Martin Conroy
    Johnn Conroy
    Paul Conroy
    Joel Conroy
    Madison Conroy
    Riley Conroy
    Jessive Finley
    Jordan Finley

  336. Chris Kelly says:

    Chris Kelly

  337. Neil Vaughan says:

    Neil Vaughan

  338. John Taylor says:

    John Taylor, Francesca Walsh

  339. Rachel Veitch says:

    Rachel Veitch
    Kieren Veitch-ventre
    Callum Veitch-ventre
    Kaylo Veitch-ventre
    Jon ventre

  340. Les Smith says:

    Les Smith

  341. Max Wikholm says:

    Max Wikholm

  342. More names from Toffeeweb:

    Barry Parr

    Harry Jamieson

    Wayne McNee

    Mya McNee

    Ged Alexander

    Lewis Barrow

    John Kenyon

    Daisy Kenyon-Evans

    Michael Cummo

    Nick Palmer

    John Littler

    David Southon

    Jim McHugh

    Robert Daniels, Robert Daniels jnr, Liam Jack Daniels, Stacey Daniels, Kerry Daniels, Lianne Daniels, Ciara Daniels, and my wife Lynda Jayne Daniels

    Dan Doran

    Steve Sweeney
    Stephen Sweeney
    Paul Sweeney

    Gary Green
    Shelley Green
    Katie Green

    Emyr Jones

    Mark Ambrose

    Alan Khan

    Mariam Khan

    Ciaran McGlone

    John Shaw
    Kevin Hulme

    Dennis Ancevic

    Kenn Crawford
    Brett Mather
    Glenda Crawford

  343. And more names from Toffeeweb:

    Neil Turton
    Paul Turton
    Guy Turton
    Mark Turton
    Kim Turton

    Matthew Williams

    Matthew Svatos

    Tony Williams

    Gerry Quinn

    Cathie Quinn

    Colin Callaghan

    Vic La
    Teejay La
    Jessica La
    Amy La

    Clive Lewis
    Emily Lewis
    George Lewis
    Tina Hilton

    Seamus Murphy

    Christian Hingley
    Archie Hingley
    Mackenzie Hingley

    Steven Pendleton

    Brian Pendleton

    Steve flynn

    Adam flynn

    Pat Finegan

    Steve Riley James Riley Mary Riley

    Graham Duffy
    Paul Duffy
    Frank Duffy
    Eileen Duffy
    Kirsty Twitchett
    Danny Moore
    Sam Moore


    Spiros Blasis

    John Audsley
    Liz Audsley
    Charlie Audsley
    Harry Audsley

    Colin Quayle
    William Quayle

    Liam Reilly

    Tommy Coleman
    Chris Healy

    John citrine
    Ian citrine
    Tom citrine

    Jamie citrine
    Billy citrine

    Neil Vaughan


    Robert O’Neill

    Gordon Rhodes

    Steven Turner

  344. And more names from Toffeeweb:

    Viv Sharma

    Tony Rees, Amanda Boden, Eva Boden-Rees

    Lloyd Hardman
    Daryl Hardman
    Ian Hardman
    Jo Hardman
    Beverley King

    nick parker
    angie parker

    Dan McKie
    Gary Walker
    Ethan Walker

    Dave Lynch
    Daniel Lynch
    Josh Lynch
    Steven Lynch
    Marie Lynch
    Ben Lynch
    Samantha Lynch

    Mike Gray
    Adrian Seal

    Alan Feehely
    Frank Feehely
    Declan Burke

    iakovos iasonidis
    effie papadouli

    Peter Fearon
    Dylan Fearon

    Dave Dann

    Paul Thorpe

    Paul Lally
    Christie Lally
    John Sidney Lally
    Sophie Cain

    Brian Lloyd

    Gary Judge

    Stuart Malone

    Doug Nestor,
    Doug Nestor Jnr,
    Ross Nestor,
    Nikki Nestor.

    Stu O’Neill
    Sarah O’Neill
    Kaitlyn O’Neill

    Doug Nestor,
    Doug Nestor Jnr,
    Ross Nestor,
    Nikki Nestor.

    Paul Gladwell
    Jed Gladwell
    Vinny Hall

    Mike Wilson
    Josh Wilson
    Niamh Wilson

    Jamie Armstrong
    Greg Armstrong
    Paul Wright

    Chris Bond
    Peter Bond
    Laura Bond
    Stephen Bond
    Harry Bond
    Joshua Bond
    Amanda Bond

    Matthew Pritchard, Richard Pritchard, Eluned Pritchard, Siobhan Pritchard, Laura Beresford

    Chris De Costa

    Kevin Naylor

  345. Dave Fernandez says:

    Dave Fernandez
    Theo Fernandez
    Jake Fernandez
    Tomas Fernandez
    Emma Fernandez
    John Fernandez
    Emma Fernandez
    Tony Fernandez

  346. Michael Lynch says:

    Michael Lynch, Charlie Lynch, Jacob Lynch

    Great work guys. NSNO

  347. Arthur Jones says:

    Arthur Jones … and my niece Lucy Fulton … we would be honoured to be on your fantastic banner !

  348. Paul Turner says:

    Paul Turner
    Ben Turner

  349. Tom McComb says:

    We are Everton Football Club
    And we demand our club back NOW !!!!

  350. Peter Fearon says:

    Peter Fearon
    Scouse Ringer

  351. Chris Gibbs says:

    Christopher Gibbs

  352. Steve Carr says:

    Steve Carr – Power to the People!

  353. Conor EFC says:

    Conor Edwards

  354. Dave says:

    Great Idea – Dave Hodges, Dexter Hodges, Dominic Hodges, Zoe Hodges

  355. ian gulliford says:

    Ian gulliford

  356. Fantastic guys, excellent work.

    Colin Fitzpatrick

  357. Kevin Gore says:

    Kevin Gore
    Bernadette Gore
    Liam Gore
    Kieran Gore
    Finnley Gore
    Mark Hanson

  358. Steve dow says:

    Steve Dow

  359. Craig Humphreys says:

    twitter tag: craig0988

  360. G Parry says:

    Glynn Parry

  361. Daniel Brookfield says:

    Daniel Brookfield – I am behind the campaign 100%. It is time for change.

  362. jack boughey says:

    jack boughey

  363. craig khammari says:

    craig khammari

  364. Paul O'Hanlon says:

    Paul O’Hanlon
    Brian O’Hanlon

  365. Russ says:

    Please add Russ Kavanagh
    Alan Kavanagh
    Phils Smith
    Graham Smith
    Steve Lyth to this

    We need to save EFC and do it now

  366. Frank Johansen says:

    Frank Johansen

  367. Karl-Oskar Hokkanen says:

    Karl-Oskar Hokkanen

  368. Rob Zajko says:

    Rob Zajko

  369. Daniel Parry says:

    Daniel Parry

  370. Jonathan Astles says:

    Jonathan Astles

    Harry Astles

    Valerie Astles

  371. calum templeton says:


  372. calum templeton says:

    Temps 15 keep up the great work

  373. james ohagan says:

    jimmy o’hagan
    R.I.P juke o’hagan
    R.I.P tommy o’hagan
    my grandad and brother would be turning at what these jokers are doing to our club
    please add there names to the cause

  374. Steve Brown says:

    Keep up the good work guys I am right behind you coyb!

  375. Joanne Everton Connor please ty x

  376. chris kelly says:

    Christopher Kelly for EFC change!

  377. Ellis Talbot says:

    Ellis Talbot
    Aidan Talbot
    Rory Talbot
    Robbie Roan

  378. Jim Grant says:

    I agree wholeheartedly with the aims of the Peoples Group. Kennright and co are dragging the club into oblivion. Please add my name to the cause. Jim Grant

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