Many people have been asking us to become active on the street. Well, we’ve been busy (well our in-house designer has!) producing our first leaflet.

We hope you like it! We do! Look out for us on Saturday at St. Andrews.

Brick Up The Park End!

  1. ryan nelson says:

    i like the leaflet, keep up the good work boys

  2. Jovan Djumic says:

    nice on peoples group!!!

  3. Tony Kelly says:

    Fantastic leaflet boys,keep up the good work.

  4. jim fitzsimons says:

    Excellent leaflet…lets hope for some real impetus in your (our) campaign. !!!!
    It would be nice if we could get a single point to register the opinions from the many disgruntled fans. Currently there are several different polls with a large percentage of fans voting against the current board. They each only register a few hundred votes at the most. We need to focus the many thousands of fans on one poll in order to have any impact. Not easy, but good luck and thanks. !!

  5. Neil Millichip says:

    Its about time the Fans had a voice who oppose What is going on in the corridors of Goodison Park..Long may it continue .

  6. john pagan says:

    look forward to it.

  7. chris M says:

    Don’t forget to use the back of the leaflet. How about “10 Questions for Kenwright” or something similar and list the issues you have already documented?

  8. JOE mURRAY says:


  9. Ianhew177 says:

    I’m not sure that the leaflet sends out the right message, I’m sure there’s lots of Red shite fans that would love to “brick up the park end”. It needs to directed at the board, I think if it read something like “Kenwrights building blocks for our future?”. Just a suggestion take it or leave it.

  10. John Potter says:

    We have put up with survival and being mid table for too long-other [lesser ] clubs are investing in players and their stadiums.Kenwright,with best will in the world has FAILED to get investment,let alone sell the club.
    Please can someone tell me who is interested in taking over?

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