Representatives from a coalition of Everton Football Club fan groups, including Evertonians for Change, Keeping Everton In Our City, The People’s Group and have met to discuss a number of well documented issues that have blighted Everton Football Club for a number of years.

A number of key issues were debated, and it quickly became obvious that there was total agreement regarding a number of pertinent issues. It was agreed that we would work together, collectively, and as one, under the banner of “The Blue Union”.

It was further decided that the respective groups would pool their resources, their expertise and their know-how for the betterment of all things Everton, and also that a statement of intent would be circulated and invitations would be extended to all Evertonians who agree with our mutual aims.

It was also made clear that the group would strive to be inclusive, not exclusive, and open to all and finally that “The Blue Union” would campaign on the issues and not the personalities.

Our mutual goals are as follows:

• That the group would be open to all supporters /members of its constituent parts (Evertonians 4 Change, KEIOC, The People’s Group and SOS 1878). This is not an exhaustive list and hopefully will include representatives from other like minded groups of Evertonians.

• That the group will be totally opposed to all forms of discrimination, sexism, would tow the line of no political party, would actively work against sectarianism and would seek to foster an agenda of tolerance and harmony.

• That the group would actively embark on a campaign to lobby local, regional and national media outlets to report on the true facts surrounding the stagnation of Everton Football Club, the lack of transparency and accountability within “The People’s Club” (a moniker, tellingly, that the club have ceased to promote).

• That all forms of peaceful protest would be considered.

• That we would assist the Owner, the Chairman, the Board and the Executive Officers in their endeavours to attract investment and/or a take over of the Club.

• That we would work with all interested parties to resolve the longstanding Stadium issue.

• We would campaign to elect a Fans Parliament that would be representative of all sections of our fan base and, crucially, be an entity that is elected and not selected. Furthermore the meetings should and must be free and independent from outside influence and in having it’s agenda dictated by the owners of Everton Football Club.

• That the Fans Parliament would be wholly accountable to all supporters with contact details of all representatives and minutes of meetings put into the public domain as a matter of habit and course.

In closing, it’s important to state that “The Blue Union” is primarily the name for the cooperative ventures being undertaken by the various fan groups mentioned above. Each group retains independence, but accepts that the interests of Everton Football Club and her wonderful supporters are best served by all of us pulling together in one direction and pooling expertise and knowledge when it is most needed.

Simon Magner; Dave Kelly; Mark Jones; Joe Jennings;

Evertonians for Change; KEIOC; The People’s Group; SOS 1878;

Contact info: E-Mail:

  1. Not Impressed says:

    They ceased to promote “The Peoples Club” when one of the KEIOC stooges tried to extort from the club after sneakily copyrighting it.

    Poor form from poor “fans”.

  2. Chris says:

    Good luck

  3. Saywhat says:

    What an absolute load of bollocks. You lot have only one agenda, to turn the fans against the board until we end up with god knows who running the club. Not one of your little groups has put forward one constructive argument, or provided one iota of proof for all your little conspiracies about the club, I hope you all get banned from GP – that’s if you even go, or is it Anfield that you attend? Kopites.

    • marktheblue says:

      your obviously very happy with the ambition this board is showing a whopping 1.5mill spent in last 5 transfer windows,and your quite happy with that,why have there been interested parties yet not one has come to fruition,obviously that useless chairman of ours is holding out for too much/or to regain control..and your obviously delighted that teams such as Sunderland,stoke,wolves,even Leicester city and west ham have considerably outspent the 4th most successful club in England,these groups are speaking definately for me and allot of very disgruntled fans about the lack of ambition of this board,most importantly where is the solution coming from

    • Steve Pugh says:

      What proof do you need that Kirby was an abject failure? or the Kings Dock? or the development of the Park End? What about the levels of merchandise available to fans outside of the city. West Ham and Sunderland have more merchandise where I live. Nobody needs to turn me against the current board they have done that by themselves.

  4. Austin Heath says:

    I agree that there is strength in numbers and on paper joining all the groups together sounds like a good idea, however in my experience somebody will always want to be the boss for a variety of reasons and this leads to problems. Please keep everyone posted on any future meetings.

  5. Latchford30 says:

    I’ll adopt a wait and see approach here. One thing I would say is that you guys – all of you – need to sharpen your pencils and raise your game if you intend to engage with the media and attempt to engage directly with EFC, who are now a corporate entity. This ‘manifesto’ is riddled with poor sentence construction, grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. I realise you’re not sitting an English GCSE but you’ll need to get a lot more professional very quickly to have any chance at all of achieving your stated aims. This reads alarmingly like something produced by two pissed up disgruntled fans on the back of a beer mat….
    PS Isn’t it up to the owner of a business to decide when he sells his business, for how much, and to whom? That objective alone impairs my view on your realism and likelihood of success…..

  6. i believe the message is fairness and inclusion and to all you doubters its not ‘selling out’ or ‘being unincluded’ its a basis on which all evertonians who share the SAME ambitions for the club can mould their opinons and CHOOSE which route to take, UNlike the current board who dont ask and just do, then when all fails blame something else

  7. I would admire anyone prepared to back the courage of their convictions with an Agenda that is OBJECTIVE – in plain English ‘lacking in subjectivity’. However the impression I get from the various factions responsible for the movements which have been fairly vocal in the past few months is that, whilst their intentions are largely sincere, they are to a large extent misguided. Firstly I agree with Latchford30 about the requirement to make a professional statement and not shoot from the hip – please heed that advice. Secondly I have already advised a number of your groups about the subjectivity of the questionnaires which have been circulated (particularly on the various, well-known Everton fora) – and that is inadequate. Thirdly, with the advice given at (1) above I would have expected you to contact persons such as myself, a professional with multiple qualifications and 40 years of experience as an Everton match attending supporter who has had many positive dealings with the existing board in discussing breakthrough improvements regarding the financial welfare of OUR club – many of these you are witness to at the ground and elsewhere (I am not blowing my own trumpet the proof is with the Chief Executive) – sadly those responsible declined to do so – I can imagine others have also been overlooked. Fourthly, and finally, I believe you should acknowledge some of the positive moves that the club has made in recent times (I do accept there have been significant mistakes in the past and, very likely, many are still being committed). The business that is Everton FC have made significant prudent moves in the past few years to reduce overheads – pruning the wage bill being the most significantly obvious achievement as well as the less immediately obvious improvements in reducing Amortisation associated with the net transfer spend and the significant investment in the Youth team. So I would urge you to be motivated by good deeds and not try to hound the board into selling (perhaps to the wrong person altogether). The need for additions to the playing squad is all too obvious – but you are perhaps being seduced by a combination of the ludicrous spending Man City and (to a lesser degree) Liverpool have undertaken in recent times. The other PL clubs active in the transfer market have largely been replacing players that have been bought by (particularly) these two sides. Everton, when the same opportunity presented itself in 2009 did buy three top players. I believe you should bear that in mind – as well as continuing to pressuring the local authority to remember there are TWO football clubs in the city – that our club has a fine heritage which, amongst other things, saves the local authority a significant amount of money through all the charitable deeds it manages within the local community. For that alone the local authority owes the club a debt of gratitude and a fair hearing in progressing towards locating a new home for the football club to play in.

  8. Seamus Murphy says:

    I have to say I really am shocked at some of the negativity you guys are experiencing from some of our fans and feel it is totally unmerited. For anyone to come on here calling you Kopites really baffles me – it’s actually nonsensical. Unless of course it is part of an orchestrated plan to undermine your group and your aims.
    I just want to add my voice of support to you guys and thank you for your efforts, you certainly do speak for me and all my evertonian friends are in agreement also. Keep up the good work and don’t let the knockers get to you.
    Ps. @saywhat – if you are going to throw shit around like you did above at least have the balls to do so under your real name.

  9. Tony Kelly says:

    Good luck lads,but you know what you are up against when you see some of the comments,some Everton fans are plain stupid,happy just to make the numbers up in the premier league,no ambition,just like the clowns running our club.

  10. mr had enough says:

    why wont the club, consider a suporters trust, or rights issue, for the stadium issue alone? that would be a big step forward. barcelona, celtic do similar things getting fans heavily involved and that worked. but now the board wont even entertain AGM’s, they wont listen to anything. and its driving most of us crazy!!!!!!!!!!

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