For those who could not get to the game last night the leaflet we handed out can be downloaded from the above link. We believe we handed out over 4000 leaflets – not bad considering there was only a handful of us!

We also got Sky Sports News along to cover our story and received national coverage after the game and early Saturday morning.

Thanks to those who came to the Elm Tree before the game and said hello. Thanks also to the Blues who took leaflets into the areas of the stadium we were not in.

We had three banners last night which we smuggled into Goodison Park, we had been given a tip off that stewards were checking for banners and flags as the Club were expecting some sort of demonstration! 38 minutes into the first half  we dropped two of the banners from the Upper Bullens Road stand. With stewards and police around it proved quite difficult to say the least! The banners were in place for about 5 minutes until the head stewards came with police to remove us and the banners!

The banners did not have any offensive content and to have them removed was the sign of a football club operating in a fascist regime! To be told to take down banners in your own stadium –  is a joke!

We have taken some criticism from people (mainly on Facebook) saying ‘banners will not work’ and ‘the board must be running scared seeing those banners’. One person actually said ‘if you lot were any good you would have had Kenwright out by now.’ We have been active for four weeks!!!!!! If those same people were to stop hiding behind their keyboards and come and actually meet us then yes, a demonstration of some sort could be arranged. But for now when only tens of people come and meet us rather than hundreds then a march, sit-in etc cannot be done – we will become a laughing stock.

Thanks to everyone for coming to see us before the game, your support is welcome and much needed. We will keep fighting…

11 Responses to “Villareal”
  1. Ian Mills says:

    Good to see you lads last night in the elm. Hopefully momentum will gather now. Keep it up.

  2. Ian Edwards says:

    I thought the leaflet was excellent. Particularly it didnt arselick Moyes. However, I’ve seen publicity from the group praising Moyes. To me , he is part of the problem. Dreadful negative tactics. players out of position, no width or pace in the team. Canmpaign to get shut of him as well.

  3. Guest says:

    What did the banners say?

  4. SUPA1878 says:

    So why not publish some pictures of the banners?

    Or at least some text of what they said!!

  5. Paul says:

    In the interest of fairness, can you please let us know what was written on the banners? You say there was nothing offensive written but at this stage most of us have no idea what WAS written, which makes it difficult to make a judgment on whether or not they were offensive.

  6. John Smith says:

    Why do you keep removing comments asking for photos of the banners or even text of the banners????

    In your own words “The banners did not have any offensive content and to have them removed was the sign of a football club operating in a fascist regime!”

    So you are doing exactly the same as the Club in removing comments!!!!

    • Nobody has been online to remove comments. Only one person from the group can modify/add to the site at the moment. We hope this to be rectified soon.

      In the meantime, we are normal working lads with families and have other stuff that occupy our time.


  7. Chris says:

    I have to say that this group seems a lot more considered and realistic than those which have gone before which frankly were a joke and an embarrassment to our club. I’d like to make one suggestion though; that you remove the first question “tell us the price of the Club?” from your list. It’s unreasonable to expect this to be answered and actually not in the best interests of the club for this information to be made public. It also detracts from the seriousness of your other pertinent questions and allows the board to dismiss them as part of a flawed agenda. Good luck with your campaign and please continue to consider carefully your actions remembering that whatever you do reflects on all of us and our great club.

  8. Kris says:

    Youse are doing a cracking job! Keep it up and it won’t be long before we some changes !

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