A representative of the newly formed Blue Union was interviewed in a feature on Granada Reports this evening (Thursday August 11th 2011). You can see the video by clicking on this link.

  1. James McGarry says:

    Kenwright is a joke and he’s making this our club and us the true supporters the joke of the premier league. Yes Kenwright this is our club so get out. He treats use with contempt with his silence, sells off our assets to the bank, invests fuck all in the club and the team. Stoke City, West Brom, Sunderland, Fulham and Wigan need i go on, have more ambition than Kenwright.

    How can small teams like these with no history and half the support of Everton Football Club have bigger ambition than us. The answer is easy Bill Kenwright.

    The finances of our club dont add up when you look at our gates receipts every home game, revenue through sale of players and merchandise. Early bird season tickets, what a fucking joke, this is for Kenwright to get the interest in the bank.

    I recall Moyes and Kenwright before the end of the season saying we wont get caught out again in the new season we will get new faces in for pre season. A ploy to get season ticket holder money in the bank.

    Keep the pressure on kenwright and the rest of the muppets on the board to get out of our club now before it to late and we end up like Portsmouth.

    • James McGarry says:

      All supporters need to stand firm and protest against Kenwright and the blind board members before they destroy our great club.

      Back the Peoplesgroup and oust the bandits running our club into the ground.

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