Members of The Blue Union including members from The People’s Group and Evertonians 4 Change  traveled to London yesterday for a meeting arranged with Bill Kenwright.

We will issue a full report on our meeting with Bill Kenwright soon.

  1. Ged Robinson says:

    finally, get some answers!!!!!

  2. Chris says:

    Please don’t become obsequious at the last minute. And good luck, lads.

  3. Daniel M says:

    A meeting is progress-but why is it “the peoples group” and not the “blue union”? I thought going forward this unified front was to be the platform to air the feelings of the support?

  4. ben says:

    good luck lads, hope u get the answers were all searching for

  5. says:

    Don’t forget to ask about Roswell and area 51.

  6. ben says:

    hope he was honest with you.

  7. Tony Kelly says:

    Great news boys,lets hope something positive comes out of it,and he doesn’t just fob you off.

  8. christian royston says:

    investment how far r they looking, get some answers lads, coyb,, christiano

  9. Bernie O'Keeffe says:

    Hope you haven’t been beguiled by Svengalli Kenwright!

  10. Ray Burns says:

    Cant believe you issue a headline with no real information informing Evertonians of any outcome from the said meeting.

    This is like KEIOC a group that stopped match going Evertonians to meetings.

    Sounds to me like a load of bull.

  11. I agree with Ray Burns on his comment, why put a headline out informing people you have had a meeting with EFC Chairman, and a picture, but nothing else.
    I dont feel this is a correct way to go about things if you want support from Evertonians.

  12. Paul Lyons says:

    Can you give us any details at all about your meeting ?????? It’s nearly 3 days since your meeting ! Is there any signs of a takeover ???? Whats the clubs finances like ? Whats happening with the stadium ???? Can you even give us a short summary on any topics discussed to calm fans down ?????? The longer you take to get these minutes typed up the more your credibility is falling.

  13. Jim Bromilow says:

    this si the same silence we get from kenwright himself ! what’s happening ?

  14. jim feeney says:

    Why didnt you refuse to meet with Kenwright if you were told you couldn’t take minutes. What he has got to hide? When are we likely to find out some of the details of your meeting?

  15. Rooster says:

    Its been more than 48 hrs – how long does it take to write down the same old lies. Anyone expecting big news like a takeover will be disappointed. The attempt to build on the park end meant no one was intertested and the time since that project collapsed is too short for buyer to go through due dilligence and everything else.

  16. dave fredo says:

    as soon as someone assasinates kenshite the better he is one fucked up prick who doesnt give a flyin fuck about anyone besides himself nor does he know what the shite hes doing go far away go very far away

  17. Jim Fitzsimons says:

    Facebook update C/O Anthony Scotland :

    A Kenwright report update: To cut to the chase its near completion. As has already been discussed the weekend was a bit hectic. Yesterday after work (their own jobs) a load of the blue union lads went to Goodison for the shareholders meeting, which in itself proved very productive, meaning no1 cud work on the writing. Today a few of the lads have spent the day working on the report and its looking good now and near completion. We realise the frustration “WE” have created by announcing this with nothing to report Friday. For that we apologise. Thank you for your patience and your support. COYB

    I hope this helps spread the latest update. Keep up the good work lads. Maybe everyone who is moaning should instead ask how they can help or else be patient and content in the fact that Blue Union is the most powerful voice we have had.
    Add your voice to it please but directed at those who do not have Evertons interest at heart !!!

  18. Alan says:

    So ehmmmm, it’s now Wednesday, 4 days (not 48 hours) on from the meeting and there’s still no sign of any report. Ok, you’re doing this part-time and you all have jobs etc. etc…but really, how difficult is it to get this report together?!
    Can you not just be totally transparent and quote word for word what was said at the meeting or are you selectively reporting on what suits yourselves. Is this not the usual guff that as you always seem to say comes from “the other half”?!

    Come one…out with it…let the world know what was discussed at this “highly secretive meeting”

  19. Rooster says:

    Speaking of people who dont have Everton’s interest at heart – Sir PHilip Green, Everton’sbest mate according to Kenwright. He owns the majority of shares through BCR Sports which Robert Earl (Totscum fan) set up. This meant he could moves us to Kirkby and make a huge killing, along with Earl and still have no liability to the club.

    No interest in the green grass roots of the game just the green of the money sloshing around.

  20. Random hacker alias says:

    Be honest, the reason it has taken so long is that Kenwright came across as a decent fella with EFC’s best interests at heart who is looking for a buyer. You are now struggling to find a way to admit that while still appealing to the majority of your supporters who REALLY don’t want to hear that. You know that they are going to slag you off and say you’ve been duped by Kenwrong.
    Tricky one……

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