The Blue Union had a meeting this evening, held in response to the scurrilous allegations directed towards The Blue Union by the Club, the press and ex-deputy leaders of Liverpool City Council. We can confirm we stand by the three representatives who met with Bill Kenwright and produced an accurate account of the meeting. Furthermore we can confirm that no confidentiality agreement was breached, and any requests to keep certain aspects off the record, have thus far been ‘respected’ and adhered to.

The Blue Union will be holding a public meeting on Saturday 3rd September, at the Casa, on Hope Street. The meeting will commence from midday, more details will follow.

Finally, good luck to the team tomorrow, we will be there like all other Evertonian’s, and cheering the blues on to three points. 

The Blue Union

  1. Tony Rees says:

    Keep up the good work lads, clearly the club, press and other forementioned people mudslinging at yourselves would clearly prefer to keep the wool firmly pulled over all of our eyes than be totally honest with us, you at least managed to shed some light on certain matters that we had previously all been left in the dark about. You have no questions to answer in my humble opinion, and have continued in a dignified, above board approach throughout and have just been the subject of a dirty tricks stunt by those concerned…

  2. franki miley says:

    Kenwright is now shitting himself and his self proclaimed shiny reputation has yet again been tarnished because he has once again FUCKED UP and he doesnt like the fact everyone can now see him for what he is…..a thieving fat twat!!!

  3. Kyle Miguel says:

    The Blue Union have gone on record as backing Moyes 100%, as Moyes has now backed Kenwright 100% what is your position now? Irrespective of confidentiality agreements now that Bill has inadvertently revealed the truth, who are you putting forward to buy the club and invest billions in our quest to win the premier league. And before you start Kenwright obviously can’t take us further, but what’s your plan B? Interesting to see Championship sides taking the piss on transfers because you have now exposed Bill and the board.

    • nt says:

      It’s not for supporters to put forward buyers for the Club, that’s for the man who has been searching ’24/7′ for the last few years.

  4. Kevin Freaney says:

    Good to see a response on this. Seems strange that within 24hrs of the article all these accusations came out, even though it was known that an article was being put together regarding the meeting. Then of course you have Kenwright on Sky and Moyes has finally broken his summer silence. From what I can see the club is acting in a disgraceful manner towards the fans.

    Best of luck to the team tomorrow.

    • Kyle Miguel says:

      They’ve told the truth, how is that disgraceful? And again before you start, the transcript was issued by the Blue Union, the club haven’t denied the transcript, what was reported by the Blue Union is true the club are kicking off because they thought the meeting was confidential, again wether it was or not the truth is out there, Bill can’t take the club forward and is prepared to sell, please let me know who your billionaire is who is going to buy us out? In relation to Moyes comments the Blue Union have consistently claimed they back him 100% why is it then when he backs Bill, is it disgraceful?

  5. Tom Reid says:

    Thanks for the update lads. Who’d have thought it eh, the club cuaght with their kecks down and telling porkies to squirm out of it.

    Keep up the good work.

    • Prenton Blue says:

      Are you saying Derek Hattons statement and account, as published on the official website is a lie? If so why would he do that after previously supporting you?

    • Kyle Miguel says:

      Again, the Blue Union reported on the meeting, the club have not denied the minutes (although they were caught with their kecks down and Bill does come across as condescending and more than a bit clueless!), therefore they are not telling porkies, what they are saying is that they thought the meeting was confidential. Now the facts are out there it does not matter if this is true or not (whether the meeting was confidential), the fact is the club have no money, the Chairman, Manager and Players admit this, the Blue Union have succesfully highlighted this, i.e. identified the problem, but say they back the Manager and players 100% .What is your solution now?

  6. Terry says:

    Dire words from Kenwright and Moyes. When if ever are we going to get to the bottom of this. Half of me wants to believe what they are saying is true but that means, Bye bye Premisership Hello Championship. We have to be careful that the in fighting doesnt destroy the club we all love. while we are fighting the Redshites are laughing!!!

  7. patto says:

    who gives a fxxk about the red shite and what they think.

  8. some of the comments these guys have had launched at them over the past 24 hours have been a disgrace, keep going guys, there are people who support you.

  9. Lee says:

    Keep it up don’t give in the the billy bullshit

  10. Tony says:

    Don’t let the bastards grind you down boys,carry on exposing the truth,however hurtful it is,at least we know were we stand.

    • Prenton Blue says:

      BU need to answer the question – why would Hatton set up the meeting then lie about what had been agreed about the ‘rules’ for all participating?!

  11. Neil M says:

    Now that this has been blown out of the water I hope it gets massive press coverage. It has made fans aware of the real state of affairs at Goodison. It might now alert a prospective buyer that Everton really are for sale . Kenwright has tried for years to keep a lid on what has been happening at Goodison and the fans have had to endure nothing but rumour after rumour. If he had been more honest and open with fans then the meeting between The Blue Union and him would never have taken place.

  12. Neil M says:

    Who gives a Flying Fuck what The Redshyte say?? They used similar tactics to expose Agents Gillet and Hicks. But it should be made obvious to the Kenwright lovers that the Blue union are 100% behind the Moyes and the players . COYB’s

  13. Mickey Blue says:

    What has the Blue Union told us that we didn’t already know? Kenwright would like to sell the club- we knew that. If Kenwright had the money we wouldn’t be in this situation- we knew that. Kenwright is a dyed in the wool Blue- we knew that. The only thing the transcript confirms is the sum of all our fears as Blues- namely that unless we secure a significant investor- the right investor by the way- we will continue to slide toward mediocrity and become a perennial struggler who sells for a quick buck at the earliest opportunity.

    How do we think the club and David Moyes would react? Of course they will back Kenwrright to the hilt, any other response from the club would put our situation in even more peril.

    Kenwright said that he has been working 24/7 to sell the club, but I believe that whilst the aims of the Blue Union are sound, it is misguided to be thinking that the Blue Union’s approach will help Everton’s profile in the Footballing Business World.

    Simple economics laid bare by Kenwright are figures that we already knew, we as a club spend more than we generate, and borrow more than we can afford.

    Any potential investors, if not already thinking that we are desperate, must be looking on and in true Dragon’s Den style must be muttering “For those reasons, I’m out”

  14. Andy Doyle says:

    Get yourselves a publistist lads, if you don’t you don’t stand a chance in the media from now on, any proceeds you get in the process can then go to good causes Alder Hey etc

    • Tim Kells says:

      Keep up the good work lads. Just thought I would reply to show my support. Your report was excellent and has once again shown Kenwright to be discredited. Supposedly he has not taken a penny out of the club, but where is the other operating costs going then of £21M? As the above post says, you need somebody to help you with the Media, as you can bet that Kenwright will already be doing lifewise. Be careful at the game today and good luck.

  15. Rob1878 says:

    Before the meeting we knew
    Kenwright is trying to sell
    Were skint
    There will be no signings

    Following the meeting we know
    Kenwright is trying to sell
    Were skint
    There will be no signings

    So didn’t do much there lads, oh and its seems that one of the things ur now throwing at BK is that the reason we can’t sell the club is cos he wants to stay as chairman, why the fuck didn’t u ask him that then??? Muppets

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