After a busy week supporting the team at both Goodison and Ewood Park we are finally releasing our full response to the unfounded allegations that we believe were intended to undermine the value of the detailed report on our recent meeting with Bill Kenwright. We will endeavour to explain the background and the events subsequent to the meeting being held.

Following the recent and very successful media awareness campaign, conducted by The People’s Group element of The Blue Union, Derek Hatton replied with a sympathetic response to our concerns surrounding Everton’s true financial situation.

A meeting was organised where we met with Robert Elstone; we were asked to keep this out of the public realm but Derek Hatton has subsequently breeched this confidentiality in his statement on Everton’s website.  Following this initial meeting, Derek Hatton brokered a further meeting with Bill Kenwright.

Some members of the Blue Union expressed their concerns over the involvement of Derek Hatton due to his history in the city and his previous unbridled support for Bill Kenwright’s policy on relocation.

It was our opinion that the whole exercise was little more than an attempt to take the heat out of our campaign by offering minor concessions in return for our compliance with the clubs strictly enforced policy of controlling all information and punishing those who speak out against the present regime; examples of which are, Ian Doyle of the Daily Post who was banned for writing this and the Echo staff who were banned in February for reporting a series of articles including  this; an article, incidentally, which certainly bears a closer resemblance to the actual financial situation we find ourselves in rather than the image that the club were attempting to project in this communication to their fans.

Our meeting with the chairman was arranged for the 12th August 2011; we were concerned that the club would attach last minute conditions aimed at preventing accurate reporting of meeting. Prior to this meeting the only condition we had agreed to abide by concerned not asking the chairman for the price he was looking for the club.

We agreed to nothing else; in fact we were not asked to comply with any other condition whatsoever and we maintain that we clearly informed Everton that a full report would be compiled of the meeting and that this was understood by all; that this understanding was accepted by them can be seen here:

—–Original Message—–
From: Mark Rowan (Everton) <mark.rowan@evertonfc.com>
To: Arthur Jones
CC: Graeme Sharp (Everton) <Graeme.Sharp@evertonfc.com>
Sent: Fri, 19 Aug 2011 6:44
Subject: RE: FAO Graeme Sharp


At the meeting it was requested that there was to be no note taking but an acceptance that a report of the meeting would be released in their own words.

There was no agreement with regards to an audio recording and verbatim transcript.



The above email contradicts claims that the meeting was to remain private. We agree completely that there was an acceptance that the meeting would be reported, but at no point was it stressed to us that this had to be in our own words. The report we delivered was as accurate as possible under the circumstances; we did this in a bid to eliminate any possible accusation that the contents were misrepresentative or a fabrication of the conversation.

As predicted, after we arrived, Bill Kenwright attempted to prevent an accurate report of the meeting being recorded; he said “no notes” yet he repeatedly asked us to write information down during the meeting.

It is ironic that towards the end on the meeting, in a bid to prove how hard he was working on Everton related matters, the chairman produced his diary and then, from his desk drawer, a collection of notebooks containing information taken at meeting relating to Everton’s business activities, Bill Kenwright stated, “you have to write everything down with these people”. We have to say that we agree with that statement entirely.

Fearing that Everton would simply use our meeting with the chairman as a publicity coup, and issue information before we had communicated our findings, we placed a short statement on our website which explained that we’d met with the chairman and that a report would follow.

Over the weekend we were contacted several times by Derek Hatton, he was enquiring as to what we were going to do. We were becoming uncomfortable with the pressure so we invited Derek to a meeting late in the afternoon on Sunday 14th August.

At that meeting we were joined by various members of the Blue Union including people from KEIOC. Derek Hatton began by telling everybody present [ten people] that he could completely reassure everybody that the banks were categorically not pressuring Everton, he said, “he could guarantee this 100%” a KEIOC member took exception to this statement and informed Derek he needed to stop him there; this was less than a minute into the meeting.

We had been told of Derek’s modus operandi at meetings, talking through interruptions and shouting the opponent down, the KEIOC member did exactly the same and held his ground; a quite heated exchange took place where facts and figures and director’s reports were quoted from whilst Derek Hatton maintained his stance that Everton’s bankers simply weren’t applying pressure to the club.

Other members of the Blue Union, including those actually present at the meeting just two days earlier, reminded Derek exactly what Bill Kenwright had said about pleading with the banks not to kill us this season, about having to take a document to the bank to prevent them from stopping the club from trading. Derek eventually relented and claimed that all banks were on the backs of every business.

The above scenario was repeated many times; towards the end of the meeting Derek received a text message which he claimed was from Robert Elstone; the meeting ended shortly afterwards with Derek stating that if the Keith Harris story came out there would be no further assistance from him and that in addition to this we should forego the claim for an interim board as, in his opinion,  it was unacceptable, and should perhaps be replaced with a request  for the board to establish a group, which would include fans, who had a remit to investigate the sale of the club.

Following a unanimous vote to reveal the full truth, and a remarkable effort by those involved in producing it, our report was published at 22:00 on Wednesday 17th August; some five days after the meeting had taken place.

The following morning various members of the Blue Union were being contacted by people in the media; they explained they were being informed by the club that Everton were ‘considering’ taking legal action. Our advice was that they didn’t have a leg to stand on and that this was simply a diversionary tactic intended to limit the publication of the contents of the report.

Despite this flagrant attempt to divert attention away from the real issues revealed within our report the journalists went ahead and reported the details in many local and national papers. These threats of legal action, for essentially reporting the truth, have sadly had a detrimental effect on the health of one of the members of the Blue Union; as expected, the threat disappeared once publication went ahead.

Later that evening we discovered that the Echo intended to run a statement from Everton. We contacted the Echo’s night desk and requested a right to reply; we were promised a response before their deadline but sadly we received nothing; we have since contacted the editor and we have welcomed his response.

Apart from the club’s statement, printed in the Echo on Friday 19th August, the newspaper did carry several critical articles which continued in the Saturday edition including an excellent piece from former Everton player Barry Horne.

If the club’s stated position is that the information released by the Blue Union “did not properly represent the conversation”, why haven’t they specifically explained what wasn’t representative?

It is somewhat sad that Everton chooses to employ the same old tired tactics. Ultimately this does nothing to enhance the clubs image, their relationship with their fans, nor their reputation with the media.

Bill Kenwright explained to us that Ian Ross had been recently promoted.  It’s disappointing to see how Mr Ross communicates with the Everton fan base; here’s an example from a fan who had enquired about the statement released by The People’s Group weeks before the Blue Union even met with Bill Kenwright:

Date: Tue, 2 Aug 2011 22:01:41 +0100
From: ian.ross@evertonfc.com
To: Joanne

I have nothing to say about these ill-informed children……they inhabit a fantasy world where their every wish is granted by the Gods of Football……fans of West Ham, Birmingham City and Poretsmouth made similar wishes – and look where they are now

Date: Tue, 2 Aug 2011 22:15:03 +0100
From: ian.ross@evertonfc.com
To: Joanne

Perspective….the four groups united under the twee banner ” Blue Union ” boast no more than 50-60 people…..militants, kids etc……I’m not sure precisely what it is you expect us to do?
All Clubs have detractors….they distort the truth, the facts…they lie…they abuse….they spit at people like me in the street…..I have no time for them….they don’t matter to me……and they don’t matter to 99 per cent of those Evertonians who can read a balance sheet and who can accept that everyone should be careful what it is they wish for…..

It’s our opinion that this type of response is totally unacceptable; the observations are disgraceful and the allegations are without foundation. We believe that Everton, as a professional organisation, should act professionally at all times, whether that is when communicating or in dealing with the media. Perhaps if the club treated their fans with a little respect the fans would be equally respectful of the club and those they employ.

The current crisis at Goodison Park hasn’t been caused by those fans who have questioned the policies being adopted, neither was it caused by the three of us outmanoeuvring the senior officials of a premiership club in order to discover the truth; we’re just three ordinary fans who’d had enough of being treated with contempt.

Have our actions damaged the club? No, why do you think Phil Neville was valued at £250,000 by Tottenham at the beginning of year? The football world has long since known of our plight and finally our fanbase has woken up to the reality of our situation. Neither have our actions damaged the prospect of a sale; the financial situation would have always been uncovered during diligence.

Some fans may feel our actions have been detrimental to others wishing to communicate with the club; it should be understood that any meaningful communication with the clubs hierarchy is nonexistent. Evertonians 4 Change for instance, persisted over many months in attempting to engage the CEO, he refused and pointed out that the fans forum was there to do what they were asking, and let’s not forget that the shareholders have been refused the right to question the board at general meetings and furthermore that the club changed the articles of association in a bid to make the calling of EGM’s more difficult. Are these the actions of a club open to communication? We think not; this is a club intent on preventing effective communication with their fanbase.

For too long the fans and shareholders have been kept in the dark; those working for the club should realise they have a responsibility to keep their fans and shareholders informed; we’re not just customers and Everton isn’t just a business; we contribute over £20m a season to this business and at the very least we expect not to be misled.

We kept to the only prior condition placed on our meeting. Of our own volition we removed all references of private observations, anecdotes, information deemed to be sensitive as indicated by Bill Kenwright, and any conversation about past and current players or other members of staff. In return we have been accused publicly of committing a breach of confidentiality which is totally erroneous.

The strategy to discredit us hasn’t worked, the attempt to turn fans against us has failed; the comprehensive booing of the chairman when he appeared on screen at last Saturdays QPR game bears testimony to the fact the genie is now out of the bottle, the game is up, the PR stunts need to end right here and right now.

Many fans also feel let down by our CEO; he has been at the forefront of the campaign to keep the fans in the dark over the seriousness of our financial situation and he has allowed club officials to castigate the fans who have done nothing more than reveal that the emperor’s new clothes philosophy being employed at Everton has failed and that the board appear unable to develop an effective strategy to address this problem.

To say we’re disappointed would be an understatement; the persistent promotion of the fans forum as an example of how Everton are improving communication with their fanbase is nothing less than embarrassing. If any further proof was needed that the forum is nothing more than a superficial organisation consider this; whilst the club was faced with many serious problems the fans forum was directed to discuss the all important issues of the playing of z cars at half time and the availability of betting kiosks. Promoting and using a hand selected group of fans who are given their agenda, who are forbidden to reveal what they discuss and are essentially anonymous can’t possibly be classed as effective communication.

Here’s another example of the truly appalling standard of communication with the fans. These fans put over £20m into the club every season, yet when we enquire as to why the all important Park End development has seen no progress this is what we get:

  • Robert Elstone – Delay’s due to complex legal issues.
  • Ian Ross – Not able to relocate the offices and IT equipment during the season, categorically states it has nothing to do with legal issues.
  • Bill Kenwright – Delays due to insurance problems.
  • Graeme Sharp – Delays due to a disagreement between two of the parties concerned.

We are of the opinion that fans should not be treated in this manner. Suggesting that supporters don’t understand the problems faced by the club is based on ignorance; the evidence on display would suggest that the fans, despite strenuous efforts by the clubs communications department to prevent this, have too readily understood the problems all along. Our meeting with Bill Kenwright has at least confirmed the following beyond all doubt:

  • That there are serious concerns over the ability of the current board to identify and deliver a new owner who can provide the necessary funding and the ability to take the club forward.
  • That the club is in a far worse financial situation than officials have admitted
  • That the chairman appears to have had to beg the banks not to “kill us”
  • That the rest of the board appear to do nothing whatsoever.
  • That there is a total reliance on selling the club to prevent the inevitable financial meltdown.

Following the publication of this report we would encourage our supporters to contact the club, contact newspaper reporters, radio and television stations and ask them to obtain answers to the following questions:

  • What has Keith Harris have to say about the allegation that he introduced a bogus buyer to Everton?
  • Why did Bill Kenwright, knowing that he had earlier secured finance from a BVI registered entity, claim on SSN that he could not and would not put the club into any further debt?
  • Who exactly is Vibrac Corporation, why does it have the same address as a company that holds a significant portion of the equity in Everton Football Club, who are really behind these organisations?
  • The chief executive confirmed during a government inquiry that none of the directors had ever invested a single penny into Everton; when will the £5m, Bill Kenwright spoke of, be made available to the club?
  • During the course of the chairman’s meeting with The Blue Union Amanda Staveley’s name was mentioned, what has been her involvement to date, has she introduced any clients to Everton?

Many fans are now genuinely concerned for the future of Everton under this board. The fans spoke out about Kirkby and were ignored; they spoke out about the possible decline into the financial difficulty we’re now experiencing and were ignored again; now they’re proposing the club needs a complete reappraisal of their approach relating to their treatment of their supporters and the need for a groundbreaking decision to be taken to ensure the future safety and prosperity of the club.

Far too many poor decisions have been taken in the past and because of this many feel that the next should be taken out of the hands of the board completely. Our proposal is simple, it is as follows:

“In order to allow the CEO to concentrate on reducing costs, developing our revenue streams and repairing the relationship with the fanbase, the board must now appoint a fully autonomous group of professional individuals who can effectively develop and implement a strategy that will identify and sell the club to a buyer who can demonstrate an ability and a genuine desire to take the club forward on both a commercial and football level.”

All members of the Blue Union will, as always, continue to support our team and our manager; we want to see positive change brought about that will enable the manager to compete both on and off the field to the highest level possible. Divide and conquer is an age old tactic; all fans should now unite with the common aim of returning our club to its rightful place, amongst the elite of the Premier League.

The Blue Union will be holding a public meeting at 12:00 on September 3rd at the Casa on Hope St when the current dilemma faced by the club and the way forward for The Blue Union will be discussed.

54 Responses to “A MEANS TO AN END”
  1. Great stuff! Keep at it lads, we need the media to stay interested.

  2. Mark Jones says:

    Brilliant article.keep up the good work.

  3. Nick Toye says:

    I’d love to know why Ian Ross felt it acceptable to phone a fan (me) up and amongst other things, claim that David Moyes is preventing players joining the club and that David Moyes is a ‘cunt’.

    This man is part of the problem for me.

  4. PabloMc2 says:

    An excellent article – thanks for clarifying everything and confirming what I and others had guessed – that the club didn’t have a leg to stand on with their claims.

    The only thing I would urge you to exercise caution about is using the title “A means to an end” for the article. I fear that Ian Ross might claim ownership of it, as it was exactly the same way he described the invention of the Fortress Sports Fund and Christopher Samuelson when the veracity of that whole organisation and the AGM at which he appeared was questioned. The man is a disgrace in the way he talks about the fans and indicative of everything that is rotten with our club – the day he leaves can’t come a moment too soon.

  5. tommy says:

    Excellent piece lads, behind you 100% as im sure the majority of blues are. We definately needed your report to prove to so many that we are indeed in a mess.

  6. Phil Adams says:

    I’m glad Everton has supporters who care as much as you guys, and have comitted themselves to doing something about highlighting the problems at our beloved club.

  7. domingo1878 says:

    Stepping out side of the box and the club dont like it, keep up the good work, NSNO

  8. Dave says:

    Great work fellas. Eventually the penny will drop with all blues and the Board’s position will become untenable.

  9. Simon says:

    The whole club is just geared for one thing,keeping Kenwright in situ so he can feed his massive ego.

    As for Ian Ross. How can he get promotion? He’s part of the problem. Get rid.

    I fully support the BU. I will not fall for the attempted stitch-up job the club tried to do.

    Keep up the excellent work. The day the Kenwright regime ends at our club can’t come soon enough.

  10. A J Davies says:

    Decent people don’t record meetings without the other persons knowledge,well out of order.

  11. Mick Maher says:

    Fantastic piece keep up the good work makes me proud to be a blue,also well done Ian Doyle.

  12. terry B says:

    Thanks Lads for all the work you are putting in to sort out the mess that the muppets on the board have created.
    We need these fools out of our great club.

  13. A brilliant piece and a potential bombshell , It’s about time the truth is brought out into the open , Heads should roll after this

  14. Great work lads keep up the work you are doing we hae to end this regime!!!!!!

  15. Lee says:

    Nick is that true about Ian Ross calling you and calling David moyes a cunt.I’d like to know more about this conversation as would a lot of other blues I imagine if you don’t mind telling us more.

  16. obiwan says:

    A J Davies so you would prefer not to know the club is being run into the ground by fucking idiots?

  17. paddyryan says:

    you just don’t get it, everyone knows we have no money and no one wants to buy us. How can you say you will continue to support the team and manager. Yet boo when a kenwright comes on the screen, that will affect team morale when they can here boo’s just like at half time v qpr. If you don’t like it go support someone else and stop trying to make are club look stupid

    • Dixie says:

      I think you’re the one who doesn’t get it.

      ‘no one wants to buy us’ is a cop out, when other clubs are getting bought. Hasn’t the penny dropped yet that BK isn’t actively selling the club, so of course no one had bought us yet?

      Kenwright isn’t part of the team or the manager. I really doubt Jack Rodwell or Tony Hibberts morale will suffer because Kenwright was booed for 5 seconds because his image was shown on the screens. The boos at half time were because the team themselves were playing rubbish.

      Are you happy that we don’t sign anyone? That if we sell our best players, all of the money goes to the bank and that replacements aren’t bought?

      To me this is the real disgraceful, shameful, unacceptable and AVOIDABLE state of affairs. I won’t suggest that you go and support someone else, but I will say that you do a disservice to the history of Everton Football Club by supporting/defending Kenwright & co.

      • paddyryan says:

        Are you for real dixie., I’m not saying BK is doinig a great job, but everyone knows we are for sale so he doesn’t have to be actively selling the club when the whole world knows we are for sale. If any one wants to buy us they will, just in case you hhaven’t noticed there is a global crisis with regards of money. We are not a viable business so why would anyone want to buy us at the moment. I’m fed up with people saying other clubs are being bought. We are not other clubs we are EVERTON and always will be. As for you saying i do a disservice to the history of EFC by supporting the club get a life. Everyone is entitled to an opinion and i for one can tell you i will never boo any everton players unlike yourself

    • Simon says:

      I was one of the many that booed Kenwright,and will continue to do so.

      And the club makes itself look stupid by the poor way it’s run and the disgusting way it treats it’s fans.

      Do us a favour and drop the ‘go and support someone else’ line. If you don’t support the BU and it’s aims,do one.

    • Steve says:

      The world knows what Bill has fed them. I could say my house is for sale but not accept any bids or ask a ridiculously high price as to put buyers off. But my house is still for sale, right?

      Why can’t people see thru the smokescreen that is bill kenwright and his board???

      • paddyryan says:

        If thats true steve why hasn’t anyone come out and said to the press that they tried to buy us but bk has asked for to much money, i think you’ll find that the truth is no one has seriously tried to buy us

  18. Brilliant stuff and good luck with the meeting!

  19. Dixie says:

    AJ Davies – the Blue Union never recorded the conversation. They denied they ever did, and the club dropped their claims accusing them of this. Get your facts straight.

    As for ‘decent people’, well…. ‘decent people’ don’t bully, and lie to the fans and run a 133 year old football club into financial oblivion through crass stupidity and stubborn ego.

  20. nathan conroy says:

    I think its disgusting the way you are ignoring everton fc’s true fans. You gave us a bad report for taping the conversation with kenright, check the blue union sight now and i beg you you ask the questions to the board that they asked in the report. its not a kenwright out campain but please read the report and you will see it’s genuine questions we need answers to

    • Steve says:

      Ignoring true fans?? The blue union DID NOT!! Tape the meeting they have denied doing so!!!! Evertons threat of legal action was nothing more than an empty threat that was an attempt to discredit and divert away from the facts.

  21. Dennis Stevens says:

    I see some people still won’t believe anything is amiss until we go into administration or get relegated – no doubt the very same people will then wonder ‘why didn’t anybody do anything?’

    Keep up the good work!

  22. andy says:

    About bloody time they got questioned!!

    Got away with it for too many years, always there for the good times but as soon as the s**t hits the fan he hid better than Osman Bin Laden.

  23. I find your findings hard to stomach and feel ashamed at some of the comments made by certain people working within the club I,ve supported everton since 1962 .To witness the sharade going on with green and Earl on the board doing F.A to improove our commercial front leaves me thinking they were only on board for the Kirkby sale.BK shows many signs of Narcissistic traits he needs to really put the good of the club before himself now before administration and the players being flogged for nothing.

  24. SUPA1878 says:

    Keep up the good work lads.

    Get Kenwright OUT

  25. Terry says:

    This could be fiddling while Goodison burns. Am I the only one to realise that if our finances are as bad as alleged then the club is bound to spiral down into the abyss. If we have no money now, we won’t have any in January or next summer etc. If we haven’t found a buyer in 12 years of looking what makes us optimistic that we will find on in the next 12 months.

  26. John Nelson says:

    Brilliant response lads, well done.

  27. Stu says:

    Thank you to the Blue Union boys for showing courage and determination throughout this whole sorry situation despite the club trying to scare/bully them back into the shadows.Shame on David Moyes also for being the media mouthpiece to try and get bullshit Bill off the hook.I will be sending this to as many newspapers as possible in the hope they will give it some exposure and give people the chance to see the way this current ragime operates. COYB.

  28. Seamus Murphy says:

    Good response lads, well done.

  29. Elaine Hunt says:

    Why don’t you guys buy the club? You seem to have all the answers…
    Fact is, Kenwright and others put their money where their mouths were when we really needed them, to get Johnson out. Where is your money? Either put up, or shut up I say. Simple really.

  30. Andrew Mackenzie says:

    do we get an apology from mr david moyes for the disgusting way he spoke about the blue union as a diversion from the appalling losing display by the team he built, trained and selected against qpr?

    I wont hold my breath!

  31. Alan says:

    Whilst I think there needs to be some clarity between the board and the fans, I cant help but think outing them in the way this has been done and publically showing that Everton are in a mess is SEVERLY damaging for the club however much it needed to be said.
    Everton is effectively owner managed and if any owner of a business knows, you do not publically air your misgivings, lack of profit or lack of cash flow as it will ultimately cause problems. Lets not discuss about members of Evertons board or some of its hierarchy, Kenwright is a true blue and has done more for Everton than anyone has ever done upto now. He wouldn’t let Everton die or at least not without a fight!!
    I fear this has just served to raise our clubs plight to the vultures that are our footballing rivals. Lets face it, half the top teams in the premier league would be interested in some of our better players especially if they know that the banks would happily call in our debts giving rise to a nice discount on players who would normally command well in the tens of millions of pounds.
    Everyone is wondering why Everton havent been sold in the last few years, it is simple economics, Revenue less Costs gives Profit fundamentally. Evertons revenue doesn’t rise much year on year however its costs are forever spiralling with the club having to take loans out to meet its less than 12 month creditors on a yearly basis incurring further and higher interest charges each year.
    And lets not go running around stating that other clubs have been bought out recently. Yes, they have. OPR is an example but lets see how that pans out. Other examples include Blackburn, Birmingham and Manchester City. With the exception of City which is a rich man’s play toy, the other two have either been relegated or will come close this year.
    I recently heard a pundit on Sky Sports suggest that a lack of a new stadium and the ability to pull in the corporate revenue that a stadium generates is the cause for our lack of investment (look at Stamford Bridge, how many people have been on business meetings at Stamford Bridge in the last ten years/Old Trafford on a match day is like one massive corporate event every match day).
    This brings me onto the Kirby project. Everton had a fantastic opportunity to give themselves a chance to survive going forward for a relatively cheap outlay. Sir Terry Leahy managed to convince the Tesco board to put up a huge sum of money to what I would describe as a gift to Everton, his boyhood club. The aftermath of what happened isn’t worth talking about but forces were against Everton from the start. Surely an acceptance of Evertons sustained footballing future was a good trade off for having to travel barely a mile outside the official city boundary. And who would go upto someone from Kirby and tell them they arent a Scouser?
    Anyway, I hope a few of these points may be taken on board. I myself understand the need for clarity but lets face it, this is a dog eat dog world. In a perfect world, we could argue the toss and air it in public or at AGMs but what good is going to come from the average Evertonian knowing officially what is going on at the club if all it is going to lead to is further turmoil and dare I say it, potential footballing Armageddon!

  32. Mal Dean says:

    Perspective….the four groups united under the twee banner ” Blue Union ” boast no more than 50-60 people…..militants, kids etc.

    With only 30 or so comments attached to this article, does that not show that he is correct in his view that ‘Blue Union’ is a minority? you say you represent Evertonians, please have the decency to admit that you only represent a small proportion of Evertonians.

    If You really want to take Everton forward and not just get rid of BK, then you should be mobilising Evertonians to buy the club, I am sure the majority of Evertonians would support a group with such aspirations.

  33. BJH says:

    Thanks for putting the record straight, when I read about the secret recording and subsequent publication I thought you were completely in the wrong.
    Happy to accept you acted correctly.
    This stinks and begins to answer some of my questions around just why we can’t find a buyer when everyone else can. of course we don’t want some of the rogues that are out there, but lets face it BK courted rogues who turned out to have nothing so he hasn’t done a good job so far. Which leaves me thinking that his oft quoted point about having a new ground will mean we find the right investor now looks to be a red herring. It looks as though the carpet baggers on the board are only waiting for the redevelopment.
    Come on BK – say it aint so.

  34. Tony says:

    Slowly but surely Evertonians everywhere are waking up to the fact that our club is dying a slow death under the present board. Keep up the good work boys and don’t be deterred by mavericks such as Derek Hatton.

  35. jimmy says:

    Well done blue union, brave men, unlike the shithouses that infest our great club and are milking it dry.

  36. Paul Johnson says:

    BK does not want to sell his train set, no matter what he says. It really is as simple as that for me.

    Why should the asking price be a secret?

    Keep up the excellent work for all of our sakes.

  37. Terry says:

    Is there any way that we the fans can raise the money to, at the very least clear the debt. Bond issues, share issues. The red noses over the park tried it why can’t we. Even as a red nose Rogan Taylor may have some ideas, so would Prof. Tom Cannon. Has anyone asked them?

    • BJH says:

      That thought exercises my mind too! What would it take? Wouldn’t it be an interesting point to put to Bill, would he be willing to dilute his stake for the club he loves if it could clear the debt??
      That would mean we find out just how much he loves us>

  38. Phen says:

    None of the above makes it ethical to secretly record a conversation without the other person’s consent or knowledge. The fact that the club didnt explicitly tell you not to record it, doesnt make it any less underhand.

    • BJH says:

      Ethical is interesting, so if the police bug a crim and find evidence against him would that also be unsporting behaviour??
      Sorry Phen, this counts as information worth having however unscrupulous you believe the method used to be.
      We are being lied to.

  39. Steve S says:

    I admire your work lads but you also make some accusations that are simply not true, for instance you make out the loan taken out in August was a secret when in fact it was mentioned in the clubs financial statement that this maybe the case, so too was the uncertainty surrounding the overdraft facility, the fact that we wouldn’t bring any players in and, the possibilty of “player trading” to balance the books. They also thought we were going to be shit this season by the sounds of it

    Taken from the directors report on the last available accounts:

    “The Group’s trading projections show that it has a reasonable expectation
    of staying within its currently available, and future anticipated, finance
    facilities, including the overdraft facility and the available agreed
    securitisation facilities against future revenues referred to above, for at
    least 12 months from the date of signing of these accounts. In preparing
    these trading projections, a number of additional inherent uncertainties
    have been identified; notably on-field performance and the resultant
    reduction in the Premier League domestic broadcasting merit award and
    the level of player trading.
    The Directors have considered the uncertainty surrounding the renewal
    of the overdraft facility and other inherent uncertainties and, in
    the event that they would be required, have identified a number of
    potential mitigating actions to manage any resulting forecast shortfall
    against current facilities including the ability within the industry to
    securitise additional future guaranteed revenues and flexibility around player trading.
    Based on the mitigating actions referred to above and the comfort
    obtained from their bankers, the Directors have a reasonable expectation
    that the Group will have adequate resources to continue in operational
    existence for the foreseeable future. Accordingly they adopt the going
    concern basis in preparing the Annual Report and Accounts.”

    • Colin says:

      Steve, you’re mistaken. The Blue Union do not at any time suggest that the loan taken out was secret. The question the Blue Union legitimately raise concerns the source of the loan and the fact that once again, unlike many other premiership clubs, this loan isn’t the securitisation of the coming seasons income from the basic award fund but that of next seasons basic award fund; something that is frowned upon by the FA.

  40. Billy Brad says:

    keep going boys and girls why not invite Mr G Sharp to the mmeting in his supporters laison officer ??

  41. BJH says:

    Sadly, I am writing this at just gone midnight on transfer deadline day. No doubr we will see accusations made that publishing this article about our finances has led to the loss of arguably our best player.
    In reality, our board has caused it. Failed to find investment, shambolic management of the club ( not not of the team by DM), lies and deceit and a criminal lack of ambition,
    I dont blame Mikel for asking to leave, in all fairness he has been a great player but what would you do in the circumstances?
    He wants to play Champions League and he wants to win trophies and al we could offer was a couple of loan signings, provided we could off load 2 players first.
    Sorry Bill, you might be a “fan” but you have failed. You have not managed to sell the club, not found investment, cocked up the Kings Dock and your time is up. Call yourself a taxi.
    What a sh1t day for Everton FC.

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