Mikel Arteta, August 2010

“The chairman and the manager wanted me to stay 120% and that makes me feel proud.

“We are all seeing the club and the future in the same way and that is special – something that you don’t always find.

“I believe in this squad. We have got a very strong squad now and it is getting difficult to pick an 11 because of the players we have.

“Something is happening here and I want to be a part of it.”

  1. George says:

    Oh how I enjoy being a member of The Peoples
    Club or should that read a martyr(someone who
    undergoes severe or constant suffering)to the
    Peoples Club.Not only do I have to suffer the sniggers from people of a red persuasion as they enjoy telling me that Stoke,and the Fulhams
    Of this world are now bigger than my beloved team (oh how they laugh when Everton advertise
    The availability of half season tickets)but I now have to accept that Everton Football Club are a selling club(shades of West Ham maybe)
    God help us all.Blue 4 Ever

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