The Blue Union held its inaugural public meeting today at the Casa on Hope Street in Liverpool city centre.

We were overwhelmed by the amount of Evertonians in attendance and apologise wholeheartedly for those who didn’t manage to make it in. We wish to stress that future meetings will be held at a larger venue to cater for the level of support and interest.

The Blue Union would like to take this opportunity to commend the generosity of the real Evertonians in attendance that delved deep into their pockets and helped us raise a four figure sum that will financially support us for future endeavours.

We were delighted that the national media; BBC, Granada and Sky Sports News in particular, were out in force covering the growing levels of unrest and concern that is engulfing the Evertonian population. It was disappointing, however, that the local media were not represented in an official capacity.

Plans are in place with regards to next Saturday’s game at Goodison Park against Aston Villa and we will be releasing further definitive details during the week.

We have taken on board all suggestions that came from the floor today and a committee meeting was held immediately afterwards to discuss the common suggestions and recommendations from fellow Evertonians.

We are pleased to announce that we have now duly elected officers on behalf of The Blue Union. Dave Kelly, who chaired today’s meeting, was unanimously voted to become chairman, with Tony Fitzpatrick from the People’s Group serving as secretary. Joe Jennings from SOS1878 was appointed webmaster and will also oversee The Blue Union’s social media platforms while Simon Magner from Evertonians for Change will take on the role of treasurer.

The Blue Union are well aware of the fact that we are being watched by the media, by the public and by fellow Evertonians. We will continue to be dignified and respectful and we will not give any of our detractors the opportunity to deflect from the real issues.

This is the beginning of the road for The Blue Union. We do not believe there to be a magical solution to Everton’s problems but collectively we may well find the answer to the plight Evertonians are feeling at the moment.

It’s time to rise as one.

  1. Paul says:

    Dragging the club through the press?


  2. Mike says:

    I wish I was a ‘real evertonian’. How close does season ticket for 17 years get me? If I send you so money will it help me progress to ‘real’ status.

  3. Robbie Kirkham says:

    Fully behind u lot but please stop using the term Real Evertonians we all love the club but obviously people have different views

  4. Geoff Carroll says:

    From Oxfordshire Blue;
    Well done to all concerned for doing something.

    Being a remote Blue it feels very frustrating that I can be there in person to support, therefore it is vitally important you keep the communication as up to date as possible via your website.

    I would like to contribute financially, can you advise if this is yet possible?

    Many thanks,


  5. terry smith says:

    I would like to know who gave blue union permission to use the gable end of my home without my permission to advertise thier campaign? I attended the meeting in the casa yesterday and if i had known this picture was around i`d have had a lot to say myself? Somene should have had the decency to knock at my home and ask my permission. If this is the way they go about thier business i fear for the future? Perhaps they would like to donate to the upkeep? i have just been quoted £160 to re-paint it so obviously you no were i live? After all you wouldnt want it to look shabby would you?

  6. RM says:

    You’ve obviously got your followers.

    Please don’t let emotion and frustration cloud your ability to reason and be realistic.

    A concerned blue

  7. Tony Kelly says:

    Fantastic turnout,i’d like make a sugestion,why don’t you call the group BUEAS,Blue Union Evertonians Against Stagnation.

  8. Tony Kelly says:

    Fantastic turnout,i’d like make a suggestion,why don’t you call the group BUEAS,Blue Union Evertonians Against Stagnation.

  9. Sarah Kelly says:

    is this not Kopite bahaviour. there is no need for marches and demos, bill is doing his best

  10. Fran Grimes says:

    Well done lads, keep up the pressure, hope to join the march, with other Dublin Blues on Saturday,Keep us posted

  11. Terry says:

    Well done all I am no longer able to attend but my wife has continued on so that for every one of the last 50 odd years one of the family has attended Goodison for most home games with a season ticket, even through the dark days of the 80s. I thought they were bad this is worse. I only hope that those “in charge” realise that we are an institution, tradition and COMMUNITY not just a team of management and players. They come and go we don’t. We were born Blue but as players who have joined the club over the years can testify this Community is not exclusive unlike the board.
    Is it worth making the People’s Group a charity asking Blues to make monthly donations, which would guarantee an income for the fight. If we suceed the any monies left over could be donated to the former player’s charity. Speaking about that I spoke to Big Bob at a do recently, he was dismayed at our fall from grace and could not understand it.
    One of the first songs I learnt was “Bless them All”. S0 bless you all who sail in our ship which shall suceed no matter how long it takes. Win this one and we can then campaign for the beatification of Labby and Bally.

  12. Just a thought for a Protest……. What If everyone didn’t go into the ground until 5mins after kick off. An empty stadium at kick off would be something to show that we are serious about our protest… Thoughts please

    • paddyryan says:

      How about NO. I’ll be there as usual in my normal time. And please someone tell me thats it a joke about you having a march from park end gates to park end ticket office, firstly thats not a march it’s about 30 steps and secondly i walk that way to my seat in the paddock and i don’t want anyone thinking i’m supporting your group, i’d rather walk right round the ground

      • pegleg5125 says:

        So am I right in thinking you want to blindly follow Kenwright in all the magnificance he has done for the club over the last few years? If you are not interested in the cause you seem hell bent on commenting a lot of the time. Why don’t you come up with suggestions to the club how they can fight against the group who you can’t stand.

        I know people will be against the group but blindly following and letting the current administration get away with all they are doing cannot be a good thing.How far must we fall until the Evertonians who are still saying “well he is an Evertonian” think hang on he is the reason the club is failing? I am beginning to think the dark days of PJ were like a long hot summer holiday compared to all this.

      • paddyryan says:

        No you are not right, if you know i make a lot of comments why don’t you read them. As i’ve said the situation we are in is not perfect but there is noone else who wants to run the club. No one wants to buy us because we are not a viable business. If the board all resigned tomorrow who would run the club . what actually is it you want to happen? we are in a global financial crisis and there is not a lot of money out there. No one has seriously put a bid in to buy us otherwise we’d of heard about it. I just think the blue union group is bringing unwanted and unhelpful press attention to the club.

    • terry smith says:

      good idea, but can you imagine how long it would take us all to then enter the ground? seriously thier would be people still entering the ground at half time?

  13. John says:

    To all concerned evertonians all evertonians , the future of our club is at a crossroad brought about by the lack of genuine investment both on the pitch and off it.

    But who is to blaime im not as sure as some seem to think , so let me add a note of caution please please please look at a number of other clubs who have changed ownership and found themselves falling from grace and in some cases out of the top flight .

    So fellow Evertonians ” LETS BE CAREFULL WHAT WE WISH FOR “

  14. Brian S says:

    why dont you stop mouthing off and unless you have a buyer for the club crawl back under your stones and stop dragging our club through the dirt. I have had a season ticket for over 20 years – when do I become a Real Evertonian and is Bill Kenright one or do you not qualify as real for supporting the club? What would a real Evertonian owner be… an Arab with a billion pounds?

  15. bernie says:

    real evertonian asking what the blue union intend to do on saturday. support the team i hope as we will need it

  16. Bean1878 says:

    To Brian S and others slagging the BU off for using the term ‘Real’ Evertonians. You have obvioulsy not understood the irony in the usage. It is a jibe at BK and the Board and the other cronies they dragged out to use the phrase first to say only ‘real’ supposrters are behind the board and BK. They have just used it to throw it back in their faces. Don’t fall for their bullshit


  17. pegleg5125 says:

    I agree that we should stop the who is and who isn’t a real Evertonian, for different reasons even people who can’t get to Goodison myself included are real Evertonians.

    However I get really annoyed by the Evertonians (real or not – some could be trolling kopites) who say we should have remained quiet, why? Remaining quiet would have not stopped the sale of Arteta I think it would have added to the bad feeling around it, at least when it happened we knew why. Is it not about time the real questions were put to the board and yet when they were once again they came out with un-answers and allegations against the BU that have since been quietly brushed under the carpet like many other things that have come out from the Kenwright administration.

    Also why has Mr Moyes not come out and apologised for the way he spoke about the BU on TV after the QPR game? I found his comments truly disturbing of someone who has now been totally blindfolded by BK and his board. Can Moyes say he feels his squad is now stronger than it was before deadline day? Of course he can’t. Lets look at it, we let go a player who ok has not been in the greatest form in a while but has had a good preseason and looks fit and was always capable of producing something matchwinning. We also let go Jermaine Beckford who wasn’t given a chance really and it never seemed like he was fancied by Moyes (was he a Kenwright buy?) Yakubu also left deadline day and although he said he didn’t want to stay I also wonder if he was forced out, Yak always looked like he could score a goal or two to me. Yet in we bring a guy who nobody has heard of in Denis, and also Royston Drenthe who I wonder is consistent enough for the Premier League?

    Will relegation wake the fans who are not yet behind the growing numbers of the BU up to the fact that our once great club is being run into the ground by a man who claims to be the biggest Evertonian of them all, if so Bill please for our club leave and take those yes men with you.

    • realistic steve says:

      whats all this in fighting about and who is and is not a ‘real’ evertonian?Its time the real and unreal ALL realised our days are numbered in the Premier league and the days are long gone since we could compete off the pitch with the top teams.We all need to understand this and do our best to support the club during these sad times.I believe its going to get much worse before it gets better but protests are not really the answer.SUPPORT is.Unfortunately like it or not we are also falling further and further behind that lot from across the park but maybe we can take heart from what has happened to them as this time last year things there seemed much worse than we have it now.But we all need to rally round together and get behind our team and if we do go down we have to be there to pick up the pieces.We have fell behind the likes of Stoke, QPR,Wolves,Sunderland and Villa so irelegation is a real possibility.

    • Terry says:

      We had never heard of Fellani, Pinaar and Coleman. PersonnallyI think we did well to get £10million for a 29 year old crock. It was ,likely Moyes would get shut of Beckford after his remonstrations at Wolves last year, he wanted to stay on but not try. As for the Yak, never liked him. he is a lazy player and not one I would have thought Moyes would go for. He is another crock. So do not criticise until you know.
      The short march is a bad idea. It compromises safety above all and should not go ahead.

      • pegleg5125 says:

        So we must be better off with now 1 striker no one has heard of and 1 who is often not fit and another out till Christmas. I think Moyes has let a personality clash get over the good of the club, used right Beckford will get goals. Yak while lazy has scored goals for every team he has played for, and if he scores 15 for Blackburn this year that will obv be good business!?

        It seems to me the club are in disseray I am still waiting for a reply to an email I sent in the summer regarding season tickets, as it is the club have lost my business to Tranmere because as a disabled person they responded and have helped me out lots.

        I have supported Everton for 30 years and have been to many games in that time but am have become limited due to my disability becoming more restrictive over the past 10 years.

        People who are happy just to sit back and take it have their right to do so but why should people who are passionate about the club also not be allowed to voice their opinion too? Every Evertonian has the right to say what they like on the subject but I feel looking across the park where action helped them rather than sitting on their hands and letting owners get away with what they like. I guess over the fullness of time we’ll see what unfolds and will happen.

        Either way one thing we must all agree on is get behind the boys on the pitch whoever plays no matter what is going on of the pitch COYB

  18. anto Garvey says:

    If K enwright loves the club he should step down, he might be all right with his musicals,plays,song / and dance stuff,but his football know how is nil Walter Smith the best manager hes ever spoken to,he was alwright in a two horse race,[if only people could listen to what Walter tell’s me] i wonder how he told Walter he was sacked. Your the best salesman to sell our club,i dont think so Bill

  19. Michael Vernon-Lilley says:

    So what does the Blue nion REALLY want. What is your issue. All i can see is a lot of people grumbling about something which isn’t justifiable

  20. D Manning says:

    I disagree with the level of negativity surrounding absolutely everything to do with the club. where two games into the season with a long long way to go and its already starting. lets start dealing with more important issues such as getting behind the players and improving are attendances towards are capacity more often, rather than attempting to boycott the games by not going or turning up late. i can see it now, if aston villa where to nick an early goal on saturday, there will be chaos in all four corners of the ground, with arguments over kenwright, moyes and the players.. get a grip and start “supporting” YOUR team like “real evertonians”
    i totally agree that things need to be done, and ignore all the idiots saying its “kopite behaviour” because this is our club and nothing to do with them, but things need to be done properly with a certain level of dignity and class. no point arguing with the club captain simply because certain fans don’t agree with his opinion on the blue union.
    look to build on positives

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