At 14:00 on Saturday 8th October Zeligs bar and restaurant in Liverpool One will genuinely become the talk of the town for all concerned Evertonians when The Blue Union hold their second public meeting.

Following a highly successful inaugural meeting last month  The Blue Union will be discussing matters on and off the pitch, with a progress report, an insight into the “It’s Time for Change” campaign and an entertaining hour in the company of a special guest speaker that no Evertonian can afford to miss.

Entrance is free of charge and demand is certain to be high so Evertonians need to get to Zeligs early to avoid disappointment.

Further details will be released this week.

Click read more for a map of how to find Zeligs.

  1. I am pleased to see you are still active. It is important you all keep your profile to the forefront. The future of our club depends on activists like yourselves to highlight the stagnation our board has brought on this club, being unable to sign without selling since 2003 Yobo. The chairman has lied too often to sustain his position. I have inside info (from Arts own mouth) lies were told to get him and others to extend their contracts. I dont blame him for leaving because he was lied to. Keep asking yourselves why the 4th highest trophy achievers cant get an investor, when all around us including relegation teams can. Are we being told the truth?

    • Pete McKenzie says:

      My goodness me. You’re on an anonymous website, if you’ve got a story to tell us, just tell it. What are these “lies” which “Arts” (really?) told you about? Or are you talking out of your arts?

      “Are we being told the truth?” Is that a genuine question, a rhetorical one, or another bit of “nudge, nudge, wink, wink, I’ve got some explosive info under my hat” suggestiveness?

  2. Brian Anjo says:

    Be carful what you wish for *Tap’s nose*

  3. john says:

    Got to be a Kopite windup

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