The Blue Union in The Times

On Saturday 1st of October an article containing the following piece by KEIOC’s secretary appeared in The Times; apparently the journalist was subsequently banned from obtaining quotes from Everton’s players after the game.

These bans are becoming something of a badge of honour amongst journalists these days; print the truth, maintain your integrity and receive a ban; keep the illusion going, help keep Evertonians misinformed, sell your journalistic soul and you’re always made welcome; thankfully there are still conscientious journalists who aren’t so easily intimidated.

You can read Saturday’s article below:

Pause for the derby but real war reopens at teatime

Today at Goodison Park the Blue Union will be vociferously supporting our team in the 216th Merseyside derby. For us, the paradox of opposing the club’s business strategy whilst staunchly supporting their team the length and breadth of the country simply doesn’t exist; we fully support the team and our manager, but we vehemently oppose the stagnation which we see as the result of the business policies of the club’s board.

In recent months, Everton has disposed of almost £30m of assets, in the form of players and the sale of their former training ground, yet not a penny of the proceeds has been offered David Moyes, the manager, who operates with the smallest squad in the Premier League, and very little has been re-invested in the club’s infrastructure; the majority of the money has gone to the bank and Goodison Park remains a veritable relic of bygone days in comparison with most modern Premier league club’s stadiums.

In a recent controversial meeting with members of The Blue Union, Bill Kenwright, the Everton chairman, admitted the seriousness of the club’s financial position and that, on the recommendation of Keith Harris, the executive chairman of Seymour Pierce, they were on the verge of selling the club to somebody living in a one-bedroom flat in Singapore before the scam was discovered.

What we would stress, and what is abundantly clear, is that this isn’t a mindless “sack the board, Kenwright out”, ad hoc campaign conducted by a handful of fans; we are supporters who have a real passion and an understanding of the issues .

One element of the Blue Union, Keeping Everton In Our City, formed as a result of a proposal to relocate the club to nearby Kirkby, has been working with The Spirit of Shankly, their Liverpool counterparts, to deliver a prospectus to promote their concept for the establishment of a football quarter that would incorporate both of the city’s great clubs and contain educational, recreational, leisure and community facilities, sharing a sustainable transport infrastructure and paid for through public and private finance initiatives.

Of course this amicable alliance will be suspended for ninety minutes this afternoon when the rich diversity of the clubs divided by Stanley Park will be celebrated in the raucous cauldron of a packed Goodison but after the 90 minutes have passed – hopefully with an Everton win – The Blue Union will be finalising our plans for our next spectacular event.

7 Responses to “The Blue Union in The Times”
  1. TFC says:

    I urge all Blues to read Brian Reade’s excellent book, “An Epic Swindle; 44 months with two Cowboys.(Hicks and Gillet) It really is an eye opener and may serve as a warning to all who attempt to push BK into a decision. The Redshite made a poor decision which nearly wiped them out. We are not as financially strong as the Shite. Therefore, get it wrong and our beloved club will go under, of that I have no doubt.
    Personnally I believe EFC would have been sold ten times over by now if we had moved to Kirkby. We are now paying the price for not. The chairman of the campaign to get us sold was also the chairman of KEIOC, which is a contradiction in terms because he has lived in the town centre of Kirkby, which is not in our city, all or most of his life. i fail to see how anyone can drum up supprt for a campaign against BK when he played a part in the failure of EFC’s move to Kirkby.
    In my opinion the downfall of Everton, if we fall, will because we did not make the move or at least fight for it..

  2. Carl Arnold says:

    Football quarter? And where is this intended to be? In that sprawling metropolis of Walton?

    Get a grip!

  3. ‘spectacular event’

    Is this going to another reconnaissance mission with secret intel lads?

    ‘almost £30m worth of assets’?


    Mikel – £10m
    Beckford – £2.5m – rising to alleged £4.5?
    Yak ( reputed ) £2.5m

    That’s half your figures ” in recent months ”.

    I gather you’re including, Pienaar & Vaughan who would have been approx another £5m combined, but this is still not remotely close to £30m

    And you wonder why peoples opinion is split!

  4. Here we go again. says:

    Why should an Everton game be treated as a sideshow and distraction from your petty crusade? Publishing such an article on derby day is crass and a blatant attempt to divert attention from the team who needs our support.

  5. TFC says:

    If those who are organising the campaign are aware of facts about BK’s conduct regarding the sale, which the rest of us don’t know then put up or shut up. I find it incredible that Evertonians have joined up with Rednoses to undermine EFC. How anybody can compare Hicks and Gillet with the undoubted True Blue which is BK astonishes me.

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