For all Evertonians, The Blue Union’s second public meeting at 14:00 on Saturday 8thOctober at Zeligs bar in Liverpool One is a must see event.

The Blue Union will present a progress report; reveal their concerns over Everton’s finances and discuss the developing campaign for change.

There will then be a special guest appearance by Everton’s most successful manager Howard Kendall who will talk and answer questions about his great Everton teams who really did believe that nothing but the best was good enough.

The FA Cup will be present, so bring your cameras, bring the kids, bring a billionaire if you know one and get your picture taken with the FA Cup

Entrance to the event is free of charge and, as demand is certain to be high, to avoid disappointment The Blue Union are encouraging all Evertonians to get to Zeligs in Liverpool One early.

  1. TFC says:

    The asppearance of Howie at thed meeting is suggestive of him supporting the cause of the group. I think it would be fair on Howard if it were to be made clear before the meeting whether he supports the cause. If this is not done the group may come in line with loads of unnecessary flak.

  2. He and his people have been kept informed throughout the process.

  3. TFC says:

    With respect, ” He and his people have been kept informed throughout the process”, is not what I asked. So hear it is in a one liner which requires a one word answer.
    Is Howard Kendall a supporter of the aims and objectives of the Blue Union ?

  4. Gary says:

    So was Kendall paid to be at this event or did he come off his own back?

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