With its second meeting attracting an estimated seven hundred concerned Blues, Colin Fitzpatrick delivered a superb presentation on Everton FC’s finances. The Blue Union have released a detailed PDF of the financial details discussed by Colin the  public meeting.

Following an ad hoc meeting in September, the result of which was a well attended demonstration, the Blue Union‘s second meeting, at Zeligs in Liverpool One, drew an equally impressive crowd who came to hear the group’s speakers and meet Everton’s former manager Howard Kendall and the FA Cup.
The primary focus of the meeting was education; the Blue Union’s main presentation gave an overview of the club’s finances and how the strategies that have been adopted by the board have inhibited Everton’s ability to compete with their peers off the field, which in due course, if not addressed, will inevitably lead to an inability to compete with them on the field.

The Finance presentation began with an explanation that the Blue Union in no way claim to be experts, they’re just an ordinary group of Evertonians who have taken an interest and sought information from experts in various fields whose advice has proven to be astonishingly accurate in the past.

The Blue Union are campaigning for change; we want to see professionals conducting that change. The current board has brought the club to its knees the spin and the misinformation no longer hides the fact. We don’t want Everton to become another Portsmouth, another West Ham, Leeds, Coventry, Blackburn; doing nothing now will facilitate that, we want to remove from the  sale process the common factor that has caused catastrophic failure at Everton on many occasions.

Controversially we will campaign for the club to be sold for the value of its debt; we recommend, for the wellbeing of the club, that rather money is put into the pockets of those who have decimated our club we propose that a prospective owner deposit a sum of money into a escrow account, or trust, that will be sufficient to fund the club and the development of the stadium over a five year period.

Our strategy is to take our campaign to the FA and the government to focus on the questionable ownership structure at Everton. We’ll take the campaign to the sponsors and the partners, we’ll take the campaign to the club’s bank and the national media; we’re even prepared to take the campaign to prospective owners in a bid to avoid the situation that developed at Liverpool a few years ago.

If you agree with our campaign come and join the thousands who already are supporters of The Blue Union.

You can download the full report in PDF format below.



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