Contradictions from the top at Everton FC

It has come to a point now that we cannot remember ever seeing Everton fans so split over the club. The latest ‘signing’ of James McFadden is a true indication of the state of the club (no disrespect to Faddy, anyone who pulls on the blue shirt gets support from the moment the team kicks off, but that is not the point).

It really is time for us all to realise why we need change. Why the excuses just won’t wash anymore. Justify why a board should be trusted to make that next big decision having failed time and time again? The latest contradictions only enhance the growing concerns that this board cannot make that next all important decision. People can say that there is no one interested in buying Everton, but how do they know there isn’t? Had you heard of Abramovich before he got Chelsea?  Had you heard of Sheikh Mansour before he got City, had you heard of John Henry before he got Liverpool? Just accepting that there is nobody out there isn’t good enough. For us, it is about giving the club the best possible chance to attract a buyer, which involves hiring the group of professionals that could oversee that sale, and also selling at a price that is in the best interests of the club, not for the board’s shares. For those suggesting the stadium is the issue, or doubting anything we say, here are a few recent facts.

·        Bill Kenwright told The Blue Union that the stadium is not an issue in terms of a sale, that a new stadium can be self funded through naming rights, sponsorships, partnerships, grants etc….

Little over a fortnight ago, Bill Kenwright told Christian Purslow how a lack of a new stadium may have deterred potential new investors, namely Sheikh Mansour. Also, if it is that easy, why have we not got a new one now?

·       Kenwright also agreed with Purslow that even if we had plans in place for a new stadium at the time, the Sheikh may  have gone for us instead.

The club at that precise time were leading Evertonians to believe that an effectively free, deliverable world class stadium awaited us in Kirkby. Is this not a plan? Kenwright also said live on ITV that Goodison would soon lose its safety certificate, in order to garner support for Destination Kirkby.

·       He also told Christian Purslow that he knows that Liverpool had five people interested in buying them, then said if you times that by ten that is how many Everton have had. That is potentially fifty interested parties he is claiming. Some of them were good, he said.

So, what has happened to them? Is not one of them better equipped to have a go than this board? What deters them? The amount of times he has told us about this investor, that investor, but nothing ever happens. When we asked Robert Elstone at a recent meeting about investment, he said he could name six meetings he had with potential investors, all of which fell through. When asked why they fell through he said ‘I don’t know’.

·         Kenwright told Purslow that he is living proof that you can’t make money out of football

Are we safe to assume then that the club is for sale for no more than £29m? Highly doubtful.  Better still, given the parlous state of the clubs finances, sell it for the debt, do the honourable thing.

Here’s another example of the contradictions from within the club. Evertonians put over £20m into the club every season, yet when we enquire as to why the all important Park End development has seen no progress this is what we get:

·         Robert Elstone – Delay’s due to complex legal issues.

·         Ian Ross – Not able to relocate the offices and IT equipment during the season, categorically states it has nothing to do with legal issues.

·         Bill Kenwright – Delays due to insurance problems.

·         Graeme Sharp – Delays due to a disagreement between two of the parties concerned

The all important issue now is the sale of the club. We are in a unique position of actually agreeing with the chairman. That is, we want the club to be sold, and to give Everton every chance moving forward. However, we disagree that he and his friends are the best people to sell the club. Asking Keith Harris (who so far delivered a man in a one bedroom flat in Singapore), Philip Green (who he also says has no interest in football) and Robert Elstone (who doesn’t know why interested parties disappear) to sell the club is clearly proving fruitless. Appoint the autonomous group of professionals who will oversee a sale of the club in the best interests of the club. Not the best price for their shares, but the best price for the club. Give us a chance to move forward.

One thing is for sure. If and when a new board is appointed, we can wipe the slate clean, and as a group of fans start again. 100% of Evertonians can support a new regime from the start and judge them on the decisions they make, rather than if they support the club or not. Until such time arises, The Blue Union will continue to fight for the club we love.  


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  1. Craig says:

    excellent article

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