Sold for a tenner!

With the impending second Blue Union protest taking place against Wolverhampton Wanderers, it’s as good a time as any to make comparisons between two men: Sir Jack Hayward lifelong Wolves fan and Bill Kenwright lifelong Everton fan.

It really does irk us somewhat when journalists like Martin Samuel see it fit to patronise Evertonians and tell us that Bill Kenwright is the biggest Bluenose on the planet.

He is an actor who has a way with words. Yes, he loves Everton and yes he used to sit in the boys pen. Our fathers and their fathers before them sat in the boy’s pen, and followed Everton everywhere after working 60 hours a week on the docks. What makes Mr Kenwright a bigger blue than anyone else?

When Sir Jack was looking for a new owner for Wolves Chief Executive Jez Moxey said: “Everything will be handed over – all the assets, the holding company, the academy facilities, the training ground, the bricks and mortar at Molineux, the players and the brand name. Any owner of Wolves is prevented from asset-stripping or selling the ground for housing and leaving the team with nowhere to play.”

Bill Kenwright can’t say this, because the cold hard truth of the matter is Everton Football Club do not have any assets left (an ageing squad?), because unlike Sir Jack he has asset-stripped his club – the club he loves so much. We no longer own the training ground, the Kitbag deal is a disgrace (but at least it looks good on Robert Elstone’s C.V), we are millions of pounds in debt, and we have no revenue stream for at least two seasons thanks to the shady Vibrac deal.

Sir Jack Hayward wanted “NOTHING BUT THE BEST” for Wolverhampton Wanderers. From 1990 to 2007 he invested £50million of his own personal wealth into the club. When it came to selling the club, Sir Jack did not seek to reclaim any of his millions on the basis the man who succeeded him invested £30million into the club. The new owner Steve Morgan bought the club for a nominal £10 fee with the guarantee of £30million of investment.




Everton Football Club’s chairman Bill Kenwright has invested nothing into the club since he took over from Peter Johnson in 1999. That’s not us exaggerating that is a fact. Actually, the whole board of Everton director’s have not invested a single penny into our great Club. John Wood’s, Robert Earl and Sir Phillip Carter between them have not even invested the sum of money Sir Jack Hayward sold Wolves for!

Mr Kenwright told the listeners in a recent radio interview with Christian Purslow: “I know Liverpool had five interested parties. Times that by ten and that’s how many I have had.” That’s fifty interested parties then that have approached Everton FC and not one of them has been in a better place to move the Club forward than good old ‘Blue Bill’?

His eleven years of lies and deceit are starting to catch up with him and the natives have become restless.

It really is annoying when journalist’s get roped in by Bill Kenwright and his way with words. It would suit you all better to actually look at the facts https://peoplesgroup.files.wordpress.com/2011/10/the_blue_union_update_01.pdf  to see what exactly has gone on at Everton during his tenure. The man and his “friends” are out of their depths.

It is the Blue Union’s belief that an autonomous group of hard nosed businessmen should be appointed to sell the Club in the best interests of Everton Football Club and not the interests of their shareholders back pocket.

The club should be sold for the price of the debt, because thanks to Mr Kenwright any potential new owner will inherit a Club with no assets, an ageing stadium which has had no renovation/expansion work done to it for years (The Park End stand under Peter Johnson), a squad that has had no investment for three seasons, a merchandise deal that mean’s we will only pocket £3million a year regardless of sales and no revenue stream (TV money) for the next two years because someone in the British Virgin Islands is being paid £14million a year for their services.

On Saturday 19th November 2011 there will be a second Blue Union protest march before the Wolves match. We felt it an appropriate fixture for a protest. Sir Jack v Blue Bill – One sold his club for the debt and a nominal £10, not profiting from the deal and the other who is allegedly asking for £140m for a football club with little or no assets!

Anyone who wishes to attend the protest can do so by meeting at the council field on Spellow Lane at 2pm. Our message is clear Let Go If You Love The Club.

It’s time for change.

  1. wazzo says:

    great read an very interestin. i said last season ill give everton 2 seasons an well be in the championship if it carries on ie: no players no investment our team isnt good enough to compete for the top eight no more an it really sadens me !!! we need help asap..

  2. Carl edwards says:

    I am sick of being the poor team in liverpool watching my beloved team begin to rot breaks my heart never mind turning poor dixie must be doing 50mph spins in his grave come back big dunk and nut some sense into kenwright i will be there on saturday showing my colours and protesting with my family showing them that this club is worth fighting for coyb

  3. Carl J says:

    Are you serious?

    You people ask Kenwright and the board to do what you wouldnt be prepared to do yourself.

    I am a 100% Everetonian born and bred and I love my business, but if you told me to give it away for free and forfeit lots and lots of monety just so someone else could make it better without me I would tell you to do one!

    You ask the board to do something that I am 100% certain none of you would do yourselves.

    Pathetic. Get in the real world. Jack Hayward and Kenwrights wealth and ability are not even comparable.

    I am embarrased to be an Evertonian when I hear stuff like this. Kopite behavior.

  4. Ted Roberts says:

    Embarrassing and inaccurate, not to mention unrealistic. Love the fact that you are arguing for a “group of hard nosed businessmen” to help us.

    Give this ridiculous protest up if you love the club.

  5. SUPA1878 says:

    Hey Ted, why not point out what is inaccurate instead of making vague statements? Or maybe you just can’t back up your statement with fact?

    The only thing I find inaccruate is the ‘sitting in the boys pen’ as there were no seats in Bill’s day, it was all standing.

    NSNO – Need Some New Owners

  6. Ted Roberts says:

    SUPA1878 – see below


    – Jack Hayward was much older and had a much higher net worth than BK. Bill is being asked to give up a huge investment in terms of time and money – he hasn’t taken any sort of remuneration out of the club since being chairman and remortgaged his house to help to buy the club. His investment in Everton is not comparable to Hayward’s in Wolves
    – BK is not the owner. He is a minority stakeholder
    – I am assuming the BU have remortgaged their houses to try to buy shares in Everton on the rare occasion they come for sale, and that they are happy to forego any money spent acquiring shares to date? Otherwise to ask someone else to do that would just be hypocritical wouldn’t it?


    – “The Kitbag deal is a disgrace (but at least it looks good on Robert Elstone’s C.V)” – so what has this assessment been based on? It seems like a very good deal to me, but I guess the BU have benchmarked against other Premier League clubs to make such a statement?
    – “We have no revenue stream for at least two seasons thanks to the shady Vibrac deal” – what does this even mean? What revenue stream? Why is it shady? Do the BU know anything about Vibrac?
    – “No revenue stream (TV money) for the next two years because someone in the British Virgin Islands is being paid £14million a year for their services” – Again, what does this even mean? It seems we have taken out on a loan with future revenue streams used as security, nothing like what the description suggests

    Don’t want to get into any big debate SUPA1878, I just think what this article is asking for is completely unrealistic, and frankly unfair on BK. Even if he was demanding a premium on his shares (which I don’t for one minute think he is) he is not the majority shareholder as you all seem to think he is.

    No one is happy with where the club is at the minute but articles like this don’t help in my opinion

  7. scotty says:

    Im sorry but this has gone past people being naive. Its down to people being stupid. Have any of you idiots actually read up on these facts? Why is the Vibrac deal shady? Are yot honestly asking that? Philip Green and Robert Earl invest nothing into Everton, their businesses are in the British Virgin Islands like Vibrac. They wont invest in Everton but will act as ‘shady’ loan sharks. The fact you question the Elstone statement, proves without a shadow of a doubt that you sir are an absolute divvy. Kitbag insist you can only buy Everton merchandise in Everton1 and Everton2. If u r a blue in South Wales you must drive to Liverpool 4 a kit. Go to JD, Sports Soccer, JJB etc and you never see Everton kits. FACT. How is that good for the club?
    We are loosing generations of supporters. 10 years that deal was signed for. 3mil a year is good is it? But at least on Bobby’s C.V it will read “record deal for Everton” Any new owner will have no new revenue stream for 2 years because this years money is paying last years vibrac loan and next years will pay this years loan. So get a grip and read up on things b4 you question them you melt. As for the dope who said pathetic kopite behaviour. Ur an embarresment lad, what is Kopite behaviour? Did you not see the flag they had at the derby? They are buzzing off us so turn it in. Kenwright out!

    • Seems a lot of people in the B.U don’t understand business. Looking at the profit and loss on the linked article, we are actually moving forward, making smaller losses. Turnover has increased, but so have expenses (wages etc.) Interest has (generally) gone up and presumably the banks have been asking for higher payments and operating costs (keeping a dilapidated stadium running) have increased by nearly 40 mil in 4 years, where do you suggest we find that money? Yes we are in a tight spot, but in general we’re moving forward. Think of when we had Johnson at the helm, fighting relegation most seasons, without a pot to piss in and a squad like this; http://toffeeweb.com/season/98-99/squad.php (how many of them would get in the current squad? Not many – in fact, this particular season we only won 11 games). You lot make me incandescent with rage, would you really want them fucking Glazers, or Hicks/Gillett, Mike Ashley, that crowd who took over at Blackburn? – the list goes on. We currently have a board who care about the future of the club, not some money-bags quick fix that might give us 5-10 years of silver wear (but look at them across the park – not far away from going under at one point). Yes, we need a new (or improved) stadium and until we do, the revenue streams won’t pick up. I don’t know enough about the kitbag deal to comment, but I’m fairly sure if “a fan from south Wales” wanted a top he could order one off the website (my dad who lives in Colchester did). Top and bottom, the board want what’s best. Unlike you shower of clowns who want to cause unrest and fuck the people – who have got us where we are (albeit, not winning leagues/cups but better) – off at the sight of a shiny gold coin. The board have admitted the club is for sale, they realise they cannot take us to the next level. They know that. That does not mean to say they’ll throw their hands up and go ‘ah well we’re no good, who else wants a go?’ They have brought us this far and I for one am made up they don’t just want to give it away to any bollocks with a fat wallet.

      In short; Fuck the Blue Union, you should be ashamed to call yourselves Evertonians. You do not represent the majority of fans as shown by your Facebook page. Give it up you’re embarrassing the rest of us.

  8. Neil Povis says:

    This is more shite than ever from BU and they expect to be taken seriously.

    Hayward is worth £141 million http://www.sathnam.com/Features/67/sir-jack-hayward

    Kenwright doesn’t rate even a place in the Rich List.

    Hayward was that good a businessman he couldn’t sell Wolves and HAD to give it away to Morgan. Nobody else wanted them.

    Now Haywards being sued by his own kids for a court case in May.

    The more BU opens their mouths the more they make twats of themselves. Keep it up.

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