It has been a whirlwind three months since the infamous Blue Union interview with Bill Kenwright. Whether or not you agree with the Blue Union, there can be no doubting that we are only doing this because we want a better Everton. An Everton with a future and an Everton we can be proud of again. If anyone thinks we are enjoying seeking publicity for the cause, or enjoying taking the abuse, or enjoying constantly being told to ‘just support the team’ or enjoying being told what we are doing is ‘kopite behaviour’ (what does that even mean?), then you are mistaken.

We became a coalition of four different fans groups a few months ago, and what has happened in that time has affected all of our personal lives. Arguments with the other half, blood pressure going through the roof, and many highs and lows. It’s been an emotional roller coaster. But we do it because we want a better Everton. This isn’t a call for sympathy; it’s just telling it how it is. We are only human and we are learning as we are going along. We don’t claim to know it all, we don’t claim to represent the majority, but we try to tell it how it is, and when we do get bits of information, we like to pass it on (without revealing any sources of course), and we judge our actions and words on the information we have, the information that is out there and of course how the club is performing.

What has become clear to see is that some fans support us, some are against us and a lot of fans are caught in the middle. What we do not understand however, are the personal insults (from all fans by the way) and in particular, the referring to other fans as kopites. This is becoming tedious and boring now. We all love the club; some have different opinions, and that’s fair enough. But does that make the other fan a kopite? For example, is protesting something only kopites do? Only last week we could see Blackburn supporters protesting against their manager. Wolves fans protesting against theirs. Man united fans famously wore green and yellow scarves to protest against the Glaziers. Are they kopites too? And for those who can’t remember, we protested on the pitch against Johnson after the Coventry game in 1997. I don’t remember that being called kopite behaviour, so why is it now? We do what we do because we love the club. It has nothing to do with Liverpool or ‘kopite behaviour’. We have also given our stance time and time again that during the 90 minutes, the team gets our support. Outside the 90 minutes, the focus of the Blue Union remains the same. So the ‘just support the team’ comment is outdated now too. We have said ‘doing nothing’ is not an option anymore, and we 100% believe that is the case, so we will carry on the fight against the club. It is a long and hard process though and people who accuse us of not doing anything are way off the mark. We are welcome to any ideas and everything that has been thrown our way has been considered.

The reasons for the campaign are obvious and have been stated. Quite simply we believe this board has had its chance. The 24/7 search for investment, the collapsed stadium deals, the FSF, the NTL deal and the lies to gain votes for Kirkby have constantly been repeated and are well known. The new issues only make us more determined to fight the fight. We as a group, have always felt that investors have been interested in buying Everton but didn’t follow that through for whatever reason (the CEO confirmed this to us, even though Bill told us there is nobody out there as he has heard there is no money in the world).

An argument thrown at us has been ‘If people have been interested, why haven’t they come out and said then?’. Well the answer lies in Robert Elstone’s latest blog where he states in respect to interested parties ‘we respect the confidentiality agreements which prevent either side from disclosing the interest’. Therefore, we will never know who has been interested and why they didn’t follow through.

Also, the Blue Union has always felt, and been under the impression, that the board want too much for their shares, which is a reason why we can’t sell. Well now Keith Harris (remember him? The man who Bill claims delivered a man in a 1 bedroom flat in Singapore) has been talking to Sky Sports News. When asked ‘how much is Everton for sale for, £150-£160m?’ he replied ‘You are not far wrong’. If that is the case, that is a not a price reflecting the state of the club, if you consider this board has sold off all Everton’s assets, and is a business losing £5m per year. And if they did somehow manage to sell at that price, each board member would make a big profit on their shares, for investing NOTHING into the club. Didn’t Bill say he is ‘living proof that you can’t make money out of football’ last month? Is this price in the best interests of the club? To coin a phrase, we think not!

We are adamant in our aims that this board should appoint an autonomous group of professionals to oversee the sale of the club, who can sell the club to the right people, at the right price that is in the best interests of Everton Football Club, not a price that suits the board members and their shares. Until something gives, we will continue to fight our cause, starting with a protest against Wolves next week.

We hope people will be there in big numbers to show your feelings against the board. No clowns, no cakes, no gimmicks (as we have said, we listen). We are just Evertonians, just fans who want change at their club. If that makes us ‘kopites’ in some people’s eyes, then so be it. Don’t worry what other people think though; this is YOUR club, and your chance to do something about it. Hope to see you on Spellow Lane from 1.45pm on Saturday 19th November.


5 Responses to “FROM THE HEART”
  1. Last time I did the Spellow Lane thing I was verbally and quite unpleasantly abused in front of my girlfriend with a cop standing there who did absolutely nothing, in spite of the obvious breach of the peace and other offences involved. Its thugs like that who are the scum and show possible kopshite tendencies.

  2. TFC says:

    Before anyone abuses the protesters on Saturday they should read the Blue Union’s latest booklet. It is enough to give every True Blue nightmares or visions of suicide. I have sat on the fence like many, criticised the People’s group but not now. If our beloved EFC is to survive we need to either get this board out or force them into appointing persons to sell the club. LFC did this because Hicks and Gillet were holding on in hope of making massive profits. Read the leaflet someone at Everton is doing the same. The club is diseased. It is dying. We can save it. If the status quo continues EFC will die an agonizing death that all will witness. Who will the abusers abuse then, when the crowds might be lower than those who protest in Spellow Lane on Saturday. Everton v Lincoln City; Rochdale v Everton and don’t forget the local derby Tranmere v Everton. What a state of affairs!!!

  3. Barry Agog says:

    Kopite Behaviour = Being in the minority and climing to speak for the majority – making banners and holding marches that nobody is interested in. Having no clear agenda and changing your goal on a weekly basis.

  4. Jimmy says:

    Thing is the board decides the price they want to sell for. Not you, not an interim board. There is nothing to be done, other then aplly pressure. How about going after Moyes who hates the BU and all they stand for. He has not performed these last two years and he should be forced to quit himdelf, I think that both Moyes and Kenwrights board should go.

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