The following is a letter sent to John Thompson, Sports Editor of The Liverpool ECHO last Sunday 4 December 2011. As yet (9th December) have NOT had a reply from him or other reporters copied in to the correspondence. We publish it here as proof to Everton supporters that The People’s Group are lobbying the local media for more coverage of the affairs inside the corridors of Goodison Park. We would hope the Liverpool ECHO (the self styled ‘The Voice of Merseyside’) listens to its people and indeed has read our correspondence even if they do not see fit to reply to us.


After today’s (Sunday 4 December 2011) debacle and the reasons for it that ensued (from Moyes), we feel we need to ask you a question.

At what point will our local newspaper start being critical of the Club and start asking the legitimate questions we are asking? Critical of the hieraracy, critical of the painful football we are having to watch, and critcal of the leadership at the Club?

At the meeting we had with you and your fellow Everton correspondents , you stated you could attack Liverpool FC because you had a source from within. Well now the emails are rightly or wrongly out there, and the information is there to see, why haven’t questions been asked?

At the time the Club was in financial meltdown, but through you, told the fans that it’s not.  They even made you publically apologise for stating the Arteta money went to the bank, and suggested they just didn’t have time to spend it. Will the ECHO remember this in January and remind the club they should have £10m to spend?

The emails described the lack of leadership, the paranoia, comparing it to like ‘working in a kindergarten’ and told how they would use various media outlets for ‘favours’ including yourselves, to try and deflect attention away from, and attack fans who genuinely care about their club, for all the above reasons! It seemed Ian Ross privately shared our concerns.

And yet we are supposed to be putting our trust in these people to sell the Club to the right buyer at the right price, on top of all the failures of the past. The complete farce that was the NTL deal that we are still paying for now, the lies over Kings Dock, the lies over the Fortress Sports Fund, the lies over Kirkby (that the CEO even admitted at a public enquiry!!) to name but a few. These are the same people who are now telling us they are selling the club. Kenwright told us personally there is no plan.

We find it incredible that the local newspaper, being armoured with all this information, is not prepared to start questioning the Club.

Question how this board can be trusted after everything that has been revealed.

Question the football on offer.

Question the methods the club are employing to sell the Club.

Question the price of the Club.

Question where the Club is going.

We thought you were a newspaper for the fans? A newspaper of truth? Well start getting the information out there, stand up for your own newspaper (the newspaper that Robert Elstone said ‘owes us’) and start asking questions for the Everton fans.

This isnt good enough. We have taken one point from teams above fifteenth position this season. Lost four at home already. The football is drab. The consequences could be dire.

This is our Club. Do you dare to start upsetting blue Bill and his merry men?


  1. Ray Dio says:

    You haven’t worked it out yet?
    Simple, really. No conspiracy.
    Thompson is a 100%, dyed in the wool, Steeevie G-shirt hugging Koppite.
    Fact (as our beloved neighbours like to say).
    So, The Echo trying to bring about change at EFC is a little along the ‘turkeys voting for Xmas’ line.
    They don’t want things to change at Everton. They like it the way it is.
    I’ve sat and listened to him holding court with past and present Echo entourage in the Cross Keys. (You thought Bascombe was bad? You really should have heard Tony Barrett.)
    Oh, and Alan ‘Voice of Everton’ Irwin was a frequent visitor and contributor.
    To quote Johhny Rotten; ‘Ever feel like you’ve been had?’

  2. James Flynn says:

    Hello Echo – An American Everton fan here. Pretty damning stuff. EFC will be sold soon or sooner. How is it not in the interest of circulation that you won’t address EFC’s problems on the financial side? A bonanza of readership ready to happen right in front of you.

    You have the connections. We Evertonians don’t want any salacious columns. Just what really is holding back the sale of the Club given current ownerships’s insistance that they want to sell.

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