Blue Union agree on strategy moving forward

On a cold wet Wednesday winter evening, Blue Union supporters, concerned by the all too apparent crisis enveloping our great club, packed into a Liverpool city centre venue to take part in a strategy meeting.

The purpose of the strategy meeting was for The Blue Union Officers to listen and gauge the mood of the fans, demonstrate to them that they’re an inclusive part of The Blue Union and allow them to participate in a democratic vote which will direct The Blue Union officers as they develop a strategy for the first few months of 2012.

Blue Union chair, Dave Kelly, after paying a tribute to recently deceased former player Gary Ablett and Spirit of Shankly Vice President, Paul Rice, who were both separately and warmly applauded by all present, delivered a rousing opening speech attacking the club’s policies which have been the breeding grounds for deceit, mismanagement and underachievement which has ultimately, and all too predictably, led to the club’s stagnation.

Following Dave’s rousing opening speech; Simon Magner delivered a brief presentation on the Blue Union’s own “Everton prospectus”. Simon, secretary of The Blue Union, explained that having looked at the attempt the club had made in producing a sale prospectus The Blue Union believed that they could deliver a much more professional version and highlights of this were displayed for the audience.

John Harrison, The Blue Union’s fans liaison officer, also gave a brief presentation on the club’s all too apparent lack of a genuine and cohesive communication policy with the fans, which is a constituent part of UEFA’s licensing platform.

John heavily criticised the cosmetic attempts that have been made by Everton to comply with this regulation; attempts such as the clearly artificial fan’s forum that is, despite numerous suggestions by The Blue Union, largely anonymous, unapproachable and essentially impotent as a medium for addressing the major problems that fans, and ordinary shareholders, are experiencing; namely the increasing unaccountability of the present board which initiated the fight back from The Blue Union who endeavour to expose the truth over the actions of this board that we are having to endure; a board that has decimated the business and whose actions are now being made apparent on the field of play.

The meeting was then thrown open to the fans. Whilst some expressed their frustration at the board many spoke passionately and offered a variety of suggestions for The Blue Union to consider and following a lengthy meeting, the following evening, we have now agreed upon our strategy for the coming weeks.

In deciding this strategy The Blue Union officers need to consider peoples safety and well being. They also need to comply with many rules and regulations and we have a need to consult with Merseyside Police and the City Council, as it is imperative that all our organised activities are peaceful, legal and, importantly, repeatable. Our campaign isn’t spontaneous; it’s well planned, deliberate and is designed to achieve our objectives.

Whilst it was felt by those at the recent meeting that a protest at the Manchester City match on Tuesday 31st January was desirable, it is, after consulting with Merseyside Police, unfortunately impossible due to operational difficulties.

However, The Blue Union have agreed on a plan of action which is designed to bring maximum media attention to our cause and give the supporters the opportunity to vent their frustrations at the intransigence of a board that refuses to listen to an ever growing number of their fans.

In addition to the Blue Union’s ongoing behind the scenes activities, we plan to conduct a mass leaflet campaign at the Chelsea match on February 11th and demonstrate outside Radio City on the same day as we are vehemently opposed to their policy of refusing to allow Graeme Sharp to accept calls from fans wishing to discuss The Blue Union.

Our main focus will be on delivering a spectacular “Day of Protest” in and around Goodison Park at the Spurs game on 10th March 2012. The day’s activities will include an aerial protest before the game, a mass demonstration outside the ground, leafleting matchgoing Evertonians and picketing strategic points before and after the game. The day’s activities will be filmed and transmitted live over the Internet and the whole event will be preceded by a conventional media and an Internet social media campaign to highlight the reasons behind the day’s events and bring attention to the individual director’s performances whilst running OUR club.

Organising events such as this take time and effort and we are grateful for all those who have offered to help the campaign following our recent meeting; we need more. These activities take time to arrange and are expensive; so in order to cover the cost we shall be organising a fundraising event and details will be passed to all our supporters. We need your help and together we can make a difference.

We are determined to be the vehicle for our supporter’s frustrations, but in doing so we will always endeavour to protect the health, safety and wellbeing of all Everton supporters and as ever we will only advocate peaceful activities with the prerequisite that they are at all times within the law.

The Blue Union


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