Another summer of hardship ahead?

This summer could be Everton FCs biggest in recent history.

Consider the start of last season, Bill Kenwright told us: “we make £80m and our outgoings are £85m.”

Last season we sold Bellefield, (which we obviously can’t do again) and made a hefty sum from player sales to cover the Club’s debt.

Robert Elstone, the Club’s CEO has already gone on record as saying we are looking to “player trade” this summer. Does this mean we are looking to sell £25-30m worth of talent to balance the books? Remember we have no training ground to sell this summer.

Only last week Blackburn Rovers sacked their CEO over a leaked e-mail scandal. What happened to the leaked e-mails at Everton FC in which Ian Ross muddied the name of Everton FC as well as admitting the Club were in “financial meltdown”?  The emails went as far as admitting to conspiring against its fan-base. As per usual at Everton, these emails seem to have been swept under the carpet. Incidentally, the same Ian Ross who apparently lost his job at Everton is still on the list of trustee’s for Everton in the Community.

It’s going to be an interesting summer at L4 4EL.


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