We are a group of Everton supporters named The People’s Group.

Our aim is to highlight the failings of the board through the national media with the hope of getting answers. We have issued a letter which has recieved replies from influential local and national journalists. We appreciate the efforts of Evertonians 4 Change and KEIOC but believe our group to be an alternative route to the ultimate goal we all wish to achieve Please read our letter and follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

The Peoples Group have wrote our letter on behalf of many Everton fans that are growing restless, frustrated and angry at the current goings on with the board at Everton Football Club. We started a campaign on Twitter, to start making journalists aware of the unrest at our club. Every year David Moyes, who is doing an excellent job of keeping Everton in the top half of the table under huge restraints, has to wheel and deal and settle for second best in terms of transfer targets. However, the overall picture is a lot more concerning for Evertonian’s and we want the media to start investigating and reporting in more depth what is going on at the Club.

We the fans need a voice and a lead to put pressure on the current Everton FC board, with the aim of getting them to start being open and honest, ultimately to let someone else have a chance of running the club.

5 Responses to “WHO WE ARE”
  1. karl says:

    keep up the good work this club needs a change

  2. Andrew Francis says:

    Hi I was at last night’s game with my daughter and saw no leaflets or banners. So not at all aggressive I would say!

    Think a higher profile is needed at the QPR game.

  3. R M Wright says:

    Sorry, who exactly are you? A “group of Everton supporters”? Where can I find your names and details of what you are actually doing? Apart from walking along teh street with a few otehrs with banners? Seem to be as anonymous and effective as teh Everton Board.

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