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10 Responses to “CONTACT US”
  1. Paul Gladwell says:

    I dont do facebook or twitter but need to join you on getting shut of the clowns killing our club and you have done a very good job in the past week.

  2. Mark says:

    Just want to encourage you to keep up the good work,i was made up you have formed,you certainly represent my feelings on on the car crash that is our club at the moment,Im spreading the word to anyone who will listen and you have achieved great things already,keep it up. Coyb

  3. bobtache says:

    Time for a petition from as many supporters as possible. I have refused to renew my season ticket for the last two years because if the club wont invest, why should I?

  4. Col says:

    You should get hats and scarfs made, and sell the outside the ground, with the peoples group written on them, in the colours of blue and yellow or similar, like the mancs do, to protest against the glazers, just a thought. Keep takin flags in, and their just gonner be taken off that person everytime.

  5. John Cottam says:

    Keep up the good work – wonderful!! Although BK has blue blood he doesn’t want to let go of his “Favourite Toy” and would see it go out of date rather than lose it. Thats why investors seem to lose interest – he won’t let go! – and WE suffer.

  6. James McGarry says:

    Kenwright is a joke and he’s making all of us look like idiots. Since he has been in charge he’s done nothing but lie to us all right from the being.

    Unless we all stand together and demonstrate against Kenwright and the rest of the muppets on the board we will end up going the same way as Portsmouth.

    Kenwright a Blue now thats the Joke.

  7. James McGarry says:

    Kenwright lies lies lies lies lies, poor management of the club and remortgaging of Goodison and Finch Farm. Wheres the Sky money gone, gate receipts and merchandise income, sale of Peanuts and Vaughan, loan of the Yak and Yobbo.

    Why does Kenwright say we need investment ? so he can control the club and not step aside which would happen if he sold.

    Stoke, Wigan, Fulham, West Brom even newly promoted Swansea have more ambition and these are teams who cant fill a bath never mind their own grounds on match days.

    I’m a Blue he claims, so am i Kenwright but if i never had a pot to piss in i wouldnt destroy my beloved club just to be able to say i owned the club i supported. What you are doing is destroying a national institution, one of the founder members of british football.

    Only one thing left to say ‘Do us all a favour and GO now’.

  8. John says:

    After reading all the goings on the past couple of weeks I now truly believe that the only way the disspointed fans will get through to the currant administartion is to boycott a game. Yes it will hurt the club because they rely on gate reciepts but how else can the collective show that we want change, Kenwright is a fan who once was classed as a wealthy individual but times change and the type of chirman/board a prem club needs has evolved and within most other prem clubs(and some champoonship) you can see this. So thats why i think a mass walkout is the only way, please comment !!

    Fully support the Blue union for finally exposing the incompatant people trying to ruin our club

  9. James McGarry says:

    Arteta gone at the 11th hour and Moyes states afterwards not enough time to get anyone in ha ha what a joke. Arsenal made two bids for Arteta one on Tuesday for 5 million and then another for 10 million and he goes. Why didnt Moyes have a plan B knowing how Arsenal do business and that they would come back with an improved offer. No way because this is once again a smoke screen due to the fact Kenwright said previously he needed 10 Million to pay the bank, hey presto Arteta leaves for 10 Million.

    Dont be fooled, not a penny of the fees we received for the sales will be re-invested in the team. We are weaker now than we have ever been.

    The only way to get the message across to kenwright and the muppets on the board is to carryout mass demonstartions and vote with our feet.

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